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Juno’s phone support & customer service is 24/7, so drivers or passengers are free to call at any time!

If you’d like to email Juno support, use this email address: help@gojuno.com

What is Juno?

Juno is a service for rideshare drivers who are looking to rent a vehicle — usually to use to drive for Lyft or Uber.

Juno bills itself as a ‘different’ kind of Rideshare Company

Juno stands out in the rideshare marketplace by its focus on driver welfare.

Juno offers strong incentives (and a focus on employee welfare) that doesn’t yet exist at larger rideshare companies like Lyft or Uber.

Juno’s commission rate (i.e., the amount the company TAKES from its drivers) is set at 10.5% – a much better deal for drivers than rival companies (which usually take a 20% – 25% percent fee from drivers).

However, drivers are still NOT full-time employees of Juno. Like Uber, Juno’s drivers are independent contractors.

As of early 2017, there are an estimated 12,000 Juno drivers operational in NYC on a weekly basis.

Juno Stock (RSUs – Restricted Stock Units)

Juno gives its employees and drivers stock in the actual company — an added bonus for the company’s employees. Juno states that ”50% of the company’s founding shares are reserved for drivers”.

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How does Juno work?

Juno works like a regular rideshare company (i.e., similar to Uber and Lyft).

Users simply download the app on their smartphones, and use it to hail rides.

Where is Juno available?

Currently, Juno is based in New York City, but it has recently opened up pre-registration outside of NYC. It is unclear, however, which cities Juno plans to expand to next.

Download Juno

You can Download the Juno App for Android HERE (Google Play).

You can Download the Juno App for Apple HERE (iTunes Store).

Become a Juno Driver & Learn More about Driving for Juno

For more information on becoming a Juno driver, click here.

Sign up as a Juno Driver here if you live in NYC.

If you live outside of NYC, find out more about driving for Juno by applying here.

Sign up to drive with Uber or Lyft for a cash bonus!


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