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Uber Boston Logan Airport – Uber Logan Airport Pickup & Drop Offs

Does Uber work at Boston Logan Airport? Can Uber drop off passengers at Boston Logan?

Take our look at our full Boston Logan Airport Uber Guide for Uber Drivers & Uber Riders.

Below is a guide to using Uber at Boston Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts (BOS).

We cover rules for both Uber passengers & Uber drivers.

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This guide has four sections:

  1. For Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at  Boston Logan Airport
  2. For Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at  Boston Logan Airport
  3. For Drivers: Picking Up Passengers at  Boston Logan Airport
  4. For Drivers: Dropping Passengers Off at  Boston Logan Airport

1. Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at  Boston Logan Airport:

Can Uber pickup passengers at  Boston Logan airport?

Yes, you can use Uber for pickups at Logan International Airport (BOS)

To request an Uber at Boston Logan, simply follow the steps below:

2. Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at  Boston Logan Airport

All Uber Services are allowed to drop off passengers at BOS. Simply request an Uber as you normally would, and input the appropriate Boston Logan International Airport Terminal as your final destination.

3. Drivers: Picking Passengers Up at  Boston Logan Airport

Uber BOS Airport Rules & Regulations

Only certain Uber drivers area permitted to pickup passengers at BOS (although ALL drivers are allowed to drop off passengers at BOS):

  • UberBLACK
  • Livery UberX
  • UberSUV

All Uber Drivers must have the appropriate Massport stickers on their vehicles while operating at Boston Logan Airport. Pick-ups must occur at the limo pickup area which exists at any of Boston Logan’s FOUR Terminals.

Waiting for Uber Requests at Boston Logan

Uber uses a queuing system at Boston Logan Airport, where Uber Drivers must wait inside a designated zone to receive Uber requests. To receive pickup requests at BOS, drivers must wait in the designated BOS Limo Lot.

The entrance to the BOS ‘Limo Pool’ is located on Jeffries Street — after Uber Drivers have entered BOS airport property, they will not be allowed to accept any new rides, and waiting or seeking rides at BOS’s individual terminals is strictly prohibited.

Map of BOS Limo Lot:

uber boston logan driver rules 2017 uber boston logan airport FIFO address waiting lot directions uber fifo logan airport

Receiving Requests

Once you receive a trip request, drive toward the terminal area.

  • As you drive towards  Boston Logan’s terminal area, your Uber Partner App will show your rider information and the terminal number where your passenger is waiting
  • All Uber pick-ups will be at the LIMO PICKUP AREA of each terminal (located on the arrivals level of every BOS terminal, EXCEPT Terminal C).
  • If you have difficulty locating your rider, contact them using the Uber App (i.e., call them directly, or send them a text message notifying them of your whereabouts).

Required Documentation for Picking Up & Dropping off Passengers at Boston Logan Airport:

  • Uber Drivers must have a MASSPORT sticker displayed on their vehicle.
  • Uber Drivers must obtain a ticket (at the LIMO LOT OFFICE, see address & map above) that indicates the passenger’s pick-up terminal.

For help obtaining a MASSPORT sticker, get in touch with Uber Boston Partner Support at: partnersboston@uber.com

4. Drivers: Dropping Off Passengers at  Boston Logan Airport

In 2017, Uber has stated that ALL Uber Drivers (UberX, UberBLACK, UberSUV, etc) are now allowed to pick up & drop passengers off at Boston Logan – NO livery license is required.

To drop off customers at BOS, simply follow the procedures of a normal Uber ride, and drop off your passenger at their requested departure terminal.

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