Lyft Background Check

How Does Lyft’s Background Check System Work?

Lyft Driver Eligibility

In order to become a Lyft driver, applicants must meet a few key requirements, including passing a thorough background check.

Lyft will review the results of a driver’s background check carefully, and determine a driver’s employment eligibility from the resulting data.

If a driver fails to meet specific standards set by Lyft, then an applicant will likely be disqualified from the potential Lyft driver pool.

Lyft’s various requirements are put in place in order to assure the safety of Lyft App users, and the professionalism & ability of its drivers.

A driver’s car must also pass certain specific requirements.

Lyft’s crucial requirements include:

  1. Age Requirements
    Lyft drivers must be at least 21 years old before applying to become a Lyft driver.
  2. License Requirements
    Drivers must possess an active U.S. driver’s license for at least a year.

Lyft Background Checks

All Lyft applicants must undergo a background check (including a criminal record check and a driving record check).

All potential drivers’ driving records are investigated by a third party system, contracted by Lyft, to act as an independent background-verification source.

This third-party background check looks for:

  • More than three major moving violations (e.g. accidents, traffic violations, etc.) in the past three years
  • A major moving violation (e.g reckless driving) in the past three years
  • A DUI occurrence in the past seven years
Lyft Secondary Background Checks

In addition, Lyft drivers must pass an additional screening. Like Lyft’s initial background screening, prospective Lyft Drivers will (once again) be checked for any criminal offences or driving incidents in the recent past. This check is also done by a third party, and includes national and countylevel databases.

When necessary, Lyft’s third-party contract also considers investigating local courthouse records.

Potential Lyft drivers will be deemed ineligible to drive with Lyft if background checks reveal:

  • A violent crime or theft
  • A felony
  • A drug-related offense
  • A sexual offence

Other Requirements for Prospective Lyft Drivers

Vehicle Requirements

A new Lyft driver must own (or lease) a vehicle that fits within certain standards, in order to be fully compliant with the Lyft platform (and ensure optimal passenger and driver safety).

The following is a list of vehicle requirements:

  • Vehicles must be 2005 or newer.
  • Vehicles must have 4 doors.
  • A Lyft vehicle’s engine; suspension; steering and brakes must be fully functional.
  • Vehicles must have at least 5 seat belts (including the driver’s).
  • Vehicles must have fully-functioning headlights; turn signals; brake lights; and reverse lights.
  • Vehicles must have no visible or structural body damage.
  • Vehicle tires must have sufficient tread.
  • Windows and windshields must be free of cracks (and windows must be fully operational/functional).
  • Wipers, horn and seat adjustment controls must function fully.
  • Air conditioning systems, and heat systems, must be fully functional.
  • Drivers must possess a valid/current driver’s license; license plate; and full driving insurance.
Smartphone Requirements

Drivers must own a working smartphone in order to connect to the app and use the GPS. This smartphone must have full cellular connection.

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