Lyft Cancellation Policy

Lyft Cancellation Policy

Lyft Cancellations Rules – Canceling a Lyft Request

Lyft passengers are allowed to cancel a ride after requesting a Lyft Driver, without incurring a penalty (in most cases).

Depending on the circumstances, an extra charge might be applied to a passenger’s account if they’ve canceled a Lyft request after a certain amount time.

How to Cancel a Lyft Trip Request

To cancel a Lyft Request, simple select ‘Cancel Ride’ (located in the bottom left corner of your Lyft App). The App will ask you to confirm if you’d like to cancel your ride – if you want to cancel your trip, tap ‘confirm’.

When is a Lyft Passenger charged a cancellation fee?

Lyft riders incur a fee if they’ve canceled a request ride under the following conditions:

  1. 5 minutes (or more) have gone by since a passenger has initially requested the ride.
  2. A Lyft driver arrives within 5 minutes of a passenger’s request.

How much is Lyft’s cancellation fee?

The cancellation fee for all Lyft Cancellations is a flat fee of $5, except in the following cities, where it is between $1 and $5 extra:

  • Atlanta ($6)
  • Baltimore ($7)
  • NYC ($10)
  • Southampton ($10)
  • Suffolk ($10)

Does Lyft Line have a cancellation fee for passengers?

For Lyft Line rides, riders will (more often than not) be charged a $5 cancellation fee if they cancel a trip request anytime after a driver accepts their ride request.

Does Lyft have a no-show policy?

For no-shows (i.e., a passenger never meets their awaiting vehicle), passengers will be charged a $5 no-show fee under the following conditions:

  1. A Lyft driver has arrived at the correct location, and has waited for your arrival.
  2. A Lyft driver has waited at least 5 minutes for your arrival.
  3. A Lyft driver has attempted to reach out to a passenger (by either calling or texting them), but has been unsuccessful in making contact.

Feel like you were wrongly charged for a cancellation fee?

If you feel like you were incorrectly charged for a cancellation or no-show fee, you’re in luck — Lyft passengers are able to directly dispute cancellation charges with Lyft Customer Support

Simply send Lyft a dispute description, containing details about:

  1. The time of your trip.
  2. The date of your trip.
  3. The name of your driver
  4. A brief explanation, detailing why you feel you shouldn’t be charged a cancellation fee.

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