Lyft Express Drive Customer Support

Contact Lyft Express Drive Phone Number

Get in touch with Lyft Express Drive Customer Support at the following number:

855-865-9553 (select #2 when prompted).

What is Lyft Express Drive Rental Program?

Lyft Express Drive is a rental program run by Lyft (similar to UberXChange Leasing and Uber Enterprise Rental) which lets prospective rideshare drivers rent a car in order to drive for Lyft (as opposed to having to own their own private vehicle in order to operate as a rideshare driver).

Lyft Express Drive is available at the following locations (Phone Number via Hertz):

  • Atlanta:

 Contact Lyft Express Drive Atlanta (770) 394-4530

  • Baltimore

 Contact Lyft Express Drive Baltimore (410) 358-7685

  • Boston

 Contact Lyft Express Drive Boston (617) 338-1500

  • Chicago

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (773) 327-1463

  • Dallas/Fort Worth

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (617) 338-1500

  • Denver

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (303) 297-9400

  • Detroit

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (313) 259-1543

  • Las Vegas

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (702) 641-5700

  • Los Angeles

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (310) 659-2280

  • Nashville

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (615) 327-5453

  • Orange County

 Contact Lyft Express Drive 

  • Phoenix

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (602) 267-8822

  • Portland

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (503) 772-4750

  • Sacramento

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (916) 448-2228

  • San Diego

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (916) 448-2228

  • San Francisco

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (415) 387-0136

  • San Jose

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (408) 265-6050

  • Washington, D.C.

 Contact Lyft Express Drive (202) 347-8518

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