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How the Lyft – JetBlue Partnership Works – Lyft JetBlue Points

Lyft recently announced an initiative aimed at courting airport-bound rideshare customers:  a partnership with US-based airline JetBlue (in the past, it has announced similarly-structured partnerships with American Airlines and Southwest Airlines).

Lyft calls its JetBlue partnership a ‘door-to-door’ transportation option for travelers — eliminating the need to consider ground transportation, airport parking fees, and other hassles, while simultaneously rewarding Lyft riders with ride credit for loyalty.

How does the Lyft – JetBlue Partnership work?

The Lyft – JetBlue deal is effectively a rider-incentive program, which benefits Lyft passengers with either Lyft ride credit or JetBlue’s ‘TrueBlue’ points. At the same time, Lyft riders — when using the program — are also eligible for additional JetBlue discounts and travel benefits.

The partnership functions as follows: after downloading JetBlue’s mobile app, Lyft passengers link their JetBlue and Lyft accounts together (all within JetBlue’s app).

Each time a Lyft passenger requests a Lyft vehicle to an airport in which JetBlue operates, they automatically receive TrueBlue points.

What are the benefits? Is there an Upper-Maximum number of points a Lyft user can accumulate?

Yes, there is a maximum number of points a passenger can accumulate: 1,200 TrueBlue points.

Other benefits include: in-flight benefits (which vary by flight, route & destination), as well as trans-app integration (i.e., JetBlue App users can now use Lyft without leaving the JetBlue app — meaning that you can check into your flight in the morning, request a Lyft ride, and monitor your flight-times seamlessly all through one integrated system).

Are there any downsides to the Lyft-JetBlue rewards program?

The largest downside to JetBlue and Lyft’s loyalty rewards program is that — after you crunch the numbers — the yearly maximum number of points (1,200 True Blue points) equates to approximately $40 (according to calculations undertaken by the website Mashable).

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