How does Lyft Line work?

What is Lyft Line? How does Lyft Line work?

Like Uber, Lyft introduced a ‘carpooling-style’ service called Lyft Line way back in 2014.

According to Lyft, the service has been a major success – Lyft alleges that Lyft Line has been steadily benefiting both drivers and passengers by reducing traffic, lowering costs for passengers, optimizing advancements in transportation technology (i.e., predictive pricing), and taking into account the impact of vehicles’ deepening environmental toll.

Effectively, Lyft Line is used primarily by passengers who are open to sharing a ride with another individual, who happens to be heading in the same direction/route. For passengers, this might mean picking up one or two individuals along the way in a shared direction. For drivers, Lyft Line means longer rides; less time in between shorter rides; and an opportunity to earn more.

For Riders

Lyft created Lyft Line for riders who, increasingly, were interested in accessing the convenience of rideshare, but wanted to pay far less for a rideshare-style service.

To that effect, they succeeded — Lyft ensures that Lyft Line is always cheaper than a regular Lyft ride.

However, the level of a Lyft Line trip ‘discount’ depends on a variety of factors (such as your region, city and amount of riders who join a trip, as well as the number of drivers currently available in a given geographic area).

Using Lyft Line

Riders must simply enter in their pickup and drop-off locations in the “Line” section of the app.

Lyft will give riders their guaranteed price for their Lyft Line, as well as the regular Lyft ride price (for convenience, as well as a direct basis of comparison).

As always, Lyft offers a “contact support” option on their website if drivers and riders have any further questions or concerns.

For Drivers

According to Lyft – Lyft Line (when used properly) works efficiently so drivers can earn more.

The payment amount for Lyft Line rides is calculated by a combination of

  • Distance,
  • Time
  • and Base Fare

*Note: Lyft Line fares can also be affected by Prime Time prices.

It’s worth noting that Lyft Drivers are always paid for the entire time and distance of their rides, plus the base fare. Lyft protects its drivers by assuring them a specific pay out (without it being affected by Lyft Line’s fixed pricing).

Put another way – even if a passenger’s destination is farther away than expected, or if a trip is off by a few blocks – a driver’s payout will remain the same.

However, it’s also worth noting that:

  • If a ride is significantly longer than expected
  • If more pickups are suggested
  • Or if the destination entered by the rider is inaccurate…

…Lyft encourages drivers to suggest that the rider cancels their Line trip and order a new one with proper information.

Lyft Drivers – particularly when driving for Lyft Line – are urged be as accurate as possible with pick-ups and drop-offs.

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