Lyft Promo Code 2019 Ultimate Guide (working Lyft coupon)

Lyft Promo Code: Here is our ultimate 2017 guide get a free Lyft ride up to $50!

For first-time Lyft riders: How would you like some credit to try Lyft for free for up to $50? Our list of Lyft promo codes are actual working codes provided exclusively by the ride sharing company Lyft. These promotions work for all first-time riders on all three Lyft services that are currently available. Not sure which ones these are? Check out our list of Lyft services that are available for the Lyft coupon below and read our ultimate guide on how to use a Lyft promo and ride for free (up to $50)!

Are you ready to get your first Lyft free ride? Ok, let’s go! It’s very simple, just follow our step by step instructions.

If you have never used the Lyft app before, just follow the instructions below to get your free Lyft ride with one of our Lyft codes.

Have you been frustrated looking for a Lyft promo code for existing users? Read on and find out how to get free ride credit as an existing user.

Lyft promo code or Lyft coupon code

Have you been using Uber, but never tried Lyft before? Have you been shopping around for a Lyft promo to check out a rideshare alternative? Our Lyft Promo Code will give you up to $50 off your first ride!

How to claim your Lyft credit code (step by step):

  1. Download the Lyft app
  2. Enter Lyft coupon code
  3. Enter payment information
  4. Request Lyft Ride

List of 2019 working Lyft promo codes

Looking for more Lyft codes? If you’re a new user, here is our list of working 2019 Lyft coupons. Just enter the Lyft promotions below exactly the same way as described step by step before.

2019 List of exclusive codes for Lyft promo

Lyft promo code amount expiration date
KIRK71443 up to $50 N/A

for more details on Lyft discounts and rider referrals, see terms and conditions. Note that these conditions can change at Lyft’s sole discretion.

Is there a Lyft promo code for existing users?

The Lyft promotion code only works from an account (Lyft app) that’s never requested an Lyft ride before. However… If you’ve used your free Lyft ride, but haven’t tried Uber yet, you can still get a free ride! Uber promo codes are designed for Lyft users that have never tried the competition before.

Enter Uber Promo Code  into the Uber App and get your first ride free!

Use our Lyft promo code or click on this link to claim your free (up to) $50 ride credit.

Share it with your friends and family or anyone in your group to give away free Lyft rides!

What is the Lyft Promo Code?

Lyft Promo Code (or Lyft coupons) are provided for promotional purpurses by Lyft to encourage new riders to use its ride sharing services. The promotion enables first-time passengers to ride for free with any of the offered Lyft services (see list below). If you are like most people, you’re probably familiar with Uber, but have never used Lyft before, you’re in luck!

  • Enter this (up to) $50 Lyft credit code into the app – IDWU (or any other Lyft coupon from the 2019 list above)
  • Or click here and have free Lyft coupon code worth up to $5 (or an up to $5 ride discount for fares over $5) automatically applied to your account.

How to use Lyft coupon code – IDWU

Here are your two options to apply our Lyft promo code:

1. Official Lyft promo code link

Use this link to go to and claim your (up to) $5 Lyft ride credit.

2. Enter the promo code into the Lyft App

  • Download the Lyft app on the App Store or the Play Store.
  • Go to the promotions tab on the left hand menu and enter this promo code into the app
  • Enter your payment information

How to Apply Lyft credit codes for a free ride on iPhone

How to apply Lyft credits on iPhone

How to add Lyft codes for a free ride on Android

Where to add Lyft credit code for Android

What services does the Lyft promo apply to?

Your free ride provided by our 2017 Lyft promo code is valid for all three currently available Lyft services, from the most economical version to the 6 passenger option, the choice to “get your ride whenever you need one” is all yours:

  • Lyft: The original and most common service for up to four passengers in one car, available nationwide.
  • Lyft Plus: For up to 6 riders at the same time, or just simply more space for you. Available in cities nationwide.
  • Lyft Line: The lowest cost option for up to 60% less than the original ride. This service lets you share your ride with passengers going the same direction as you for a lower fare. Not yet available in all Lyft cities (Currently in Austin, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C.)
  • Premier: Lyft’s new high-end line. You’ll be picked up with a high-end Sedan or SUV (BMW 5 Series, Lexus ES, Audi A6, etc.)

Using Lyft coupon at airports

Lyft, just like Uber, has recently become available to pick up passengers at airports in the US. Until a short while ago, Lyft users could only be dropped off at airports by drivers. Picking up passengers was illegal on airport premises. Are you wondering if you can get a first free Lyft ride from the airport?

No problem. Here is a list of airports that Lyft is available in:

  • Lyft New York City – John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and La Guardia (LGA)
  • Lyft Los Angeles – Bob Hope Airport (BUR) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Lyft San Francisco and Bay Area – San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Oakland International Airport (OAK) and San Jose International Airport (SJC)
  • Lyft San Diego – San Diego International Airport (SAN)
  • Lyft Salt Lake City – Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
  • Lyft Las Vegas – McCarran Las Vegas International Airport (LAS)
  • Lyft Washington D.C. – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)
  • Lyft Chicago – O’Hare International Airport* (ORD)
  • Lyft Texas – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), San Antonio Airport (SAT), Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)
  • …and many more.

More information about traveling to and from the airport is available on our guide to rideshare at airports or at

Lyft free ride credit – FAQ

What is a Lyft promo code?

Lyft issues promo codes (coupon code, discount code, referral code or ride credit) for free Lyft rides or ride credits to promote their services to new users.

Where are Lyft promo codes valid?

Lyft coupon codes are valid for first-time users in all areas that Lyft services. They have to be applied to a ride within 30 days upon entering.

Note: Our promo code does not expire, but it has to be used within 30 days once it is entered into the system.

How many times can I use a free Lyft credit code?

Lyft coupons are only valid if you are a new Lyft user on your first ride. Make sure to enter your code and claim the free ride before using the service.

Does the Lyft free ride code expire?

You must request your free Lyft ride within 30 days upon entering the code. However, our promotion code IDWU (or any other coupon code form the list above) does not expire. It works for all first-time Lyft users.

What is Lyft?

Lyft, Inc. is a San Francisco based ride sharing company (or Transportation Network Company TNC). The company offers peer-to-peer ride sharing services on a mobile platform by connecting users who request a ride with drivers and cars.


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  1. The Lyft code is only good for up to $5 off of each of your first 10 rides, and they must all be used within two weeks. The post is completely misleading.

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