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Lyft Reward Programs 2019 – Lyft Driver Incentive Programs

The Power Driver Bonus program is not the only program that Lyft has designed to enhance its drivers’ experience. There are a variety of other promotions and rewards that drivers can enjoy.

Lyft Fuel Rewards Program

Lyft drivers can participate in the Shell Fuel Rewards program, which saves registered drivers money on each gallon of gas purchased, based on their Accelerate Rewards level: $0.03 (Silver level), $0.05 (Gold level) $0.07 (Platinum level).

It’s worth it for drivers to get to know the rewards programs for companies they drive for, as they often have a variety of incentives available that may not be widely advertised. Taking advantage of these programs can result in extra earnings and bonuses that make the driving experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Lyft Sign on Bonuses

Before signing up to be a Lyft driver, it’s always worth checking out to see if there are any new driver promotions in place. When applying, new drivers must use a designated promo code to be eligible for a sign-up bonus (which can range up to $1000 or higher). It’s worth noting, however, that Lyft’s sign-up bonus can’t be combined with other ‘new driver’ promotions.

Lyft Referral Rewards

Lyft drivers can be rewarded for referring new drivers (and in some cities, referral rewards can apply to new passengers, as well).

  • Double-sided ‘new driver referrals’ will provide a referral bonus to both the referring driver and the new driver. In order to be eligible, the referring code must be used and qualifying terms must be met – which can include ride requirements.
  • In some cities, a driver will earn $10 for referring a new passenger. A new passenger must use the referral code before requesting the ride in order for the driver to earn the referral bonus.
Lyft Accelerate Rewards

Lyft Accelerate Rewards provides special rewards for drivers based on their number of rides they complete, and their subsequent achievement of a designated status (either Silver, Gold, or Platinum). Platinum drivers are eligible for perks at all levels.

Silver status is the automatic rank for all drivers. A driver reaches Gold status when they have given 20 rides, and Platinum when they give 200 rides in a month.

Drivers at all levels receive the following perks:

  • Honest driver – a savings program for independent contractors.
  • Discount on Intuit tax software.
  • Access to eHealth marketplace.
  • Verizon discounts.
  • Access to Doctors on Demand.

Gold status drivers also receive:

  • Discounts on tires, maintenance and tune-ups.
  • A variety of perks that are added constantly including bonuses such as gym memberships or other promotions designed to make life more enjoyable.

Platinum status drivers also receive:

  • Access to free roadside assistance which includes towing up to five miles (submit your bill to be reimbursed).
The 1,000 Ride Gift

In order to reward drivers that remain with Lyft for an extended period, the company has designed a ‘1k Club’ jacket to be given to drivers that reach their ‘1,000 ride milestone’. This jacket bears a Lyft emblem to proudly display a driver’s accomplishment. Drivers who reach this mark receive an email with instructions on how to order their size and receive their reward.

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