How does Lyft’s rewards program work?

Lyft Accelerate Rewards Program

Accelerate Rewards – How does Lyft’s rewards program work?

Lyft Accelerate Rewards provide special rewards for drivers based on their number of given rides, and their subsequent reception of a designated status – in this case, either Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

How do the Accelerate Rewards Status Levels works?

Silver status is the automatic rank for all drivers. A driver reaches Gold status when they have given 20 rides, and Platinum when they give 200 rides in a month.

Platinum drivers are eligible for perks at all levels.

Drivers at all levels receive the following perks:

  • Access to the ‘Honest driver’ initiative – a savings program for independent contractors.
  • Discount on Intuit Tax Software.
  • Access to Doctors on Demand.
  • Access to eHealth marketplace.
  • Verizon discounts.
What perks do Gold Status Drivers Receive?

Gold status drivers also receive:

  • Discounts on tires, maintenance and tune-ups.
  • A variety of perks that are added constantly including bonuses such as gym memberships or other promotions designed to make life more enjoyable.
What rewards do Platinum Drivers Receive?

Platinum status drivers also receive all of the rewards mentioned above (maintenance discounts, tire discounts, verizon savings, healthcare access savings, gym membership discounts, etc), as well as:

  • Access to free roadside assistance which includes towing up to five miles (drivers simply submit their bills to be fully reimbursed for any received roadside assistance).

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