Making Uber Promo Code Work

Uber Promo Code Troubleshooting

‘My Uber Promo Code Doesn’t Work’

‘Why doesn’t my Uber promo code work?’

If you’re having trouble using a promo code (or applying Uber credit for a trip), check out our guide below to learn how to ensure your promo code is applied properly:

Applying a Promo Code

If you share a referral code with a friend, family member, or colleague who uses the code to take their first Uber trip —  you’ll automatically receive a referral credit.

To ensure that your acquired discount is applied to an Uber trip, you’ll have to enter the promo code before or during your Uber trip.

Your promo code may only be used on one trip. Any remaining credit (i.e., ride value) will be removed, and cannot be applied to a future trip.

Uber Promo Code Expiration Dates & Geographic Restrictions

It’s important to remember: Uber promotions often have expiration dates or only apply to specific geographic service areas or cities.

To review all promo codes currently applied to your account:

  • Tap ‘Promotions’, which is located in the Uber App Menu.
  • Review your Promo Code’s details – including expiration date information and geographic applicability.

Also, it’s worth noting that Uber places a ‘temporary authorization hold’ on your credit or debit card at the beginning of your trip (even when using a promo code). This hold does not constitute an actual, permanent charge.

The final price of your Uber trip will be reflected on your invoice, and will include the amount covered by the Promo Code.

I’m still having trouble applying a my Uber Promo Code

If you are still unable to apply a promo code, submit an inquiry to Uber using this form. If the promo code is valid, Uber will manually make an adjustment to the price of your Uber ride.

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