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What is Moovel?

Moovel is a new (and still evolving) rideshare app that compares transportation services from a variety of providers, while dynamically analyzing (in real-time) ticket prices, trip duration times and a cross-section of available modes of transport, in order to determine the best overall travel option in a given city.

Moovel is based in Germany (it is owned by Daimler, the company which also owns Mercedes-Benz), but it recently expanded its operation to North America — creating a company called Moovel North America.

Moovel North America is the result of acquiring & combining three transportation companies:

  • Rediscount
  • GlobalSherpa
  • MyTaxi

Unlike most rideshare apps, Moovel is an all-in-one app: you can use it to reserve a car, a bus or a train — as well as reserve and ultimately pay for an entire trip via the Moovel App.

Moovel Transit

As a rideshare provider and ‘transit platform’, Moovel aims to provide individuals with real-time travel information — allowing users to locate and purchase tickets from (participating) public transit authorities. Moovel Transit is Moovel’s major project in the United States. The Moovel transit platform aims to co-opt a given city’s transportation infrastructure and streamline it — foregrounding lesser-used services like bike sharing or available carpool networks — that might be under-utilized. Moovel Transit is presently operating in eleven major cities in North America (including governmental agencies) to optimize public transit within its platform.


RideTap is an app that allows users to access a real-time network of transport options.

Functionally, RideTap works by letting institutions or retail businesses install the RideTap product and integrate it within their businesses. Moovel describes the process as follows: A ”…hotel reservation app can install RideTap to let users find nearby ride options, including car2go and Lyft. RideTap can be added to any other third-party app”, increasing efficiency and ease-of-use for users and retail providers.

Moovel App

Moovel App is Moovel’s International & German-based mobility app.

The Moovel App allows users to search and pay for car rides via a variety of companies (MyTaxi, Car2Go). The Moovel App is available throughout Germany, although public transportation options are currently only implemented in two cities:

  • Stuttgart
  • Hamburg-

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