How Much Do Deliveroo Drivers Make?

How much do Deliveroo drivers earn? Deliveroo Driver Pay 2019

How much do Deliveroo drivers make?

Take a look at our full salary projections for Deliveroo couriers below!

How much do Deliveroo Drivers Earn?

Deliveroo drivers are paid a standard fee per hour (£7.00), in addition to a £1.00 free for each delivery.

The average Deliveroo driver earns about £8.00 per hour (reportedly, most Deliveroo couriers average one delivery or ‘drop’ per hour), and work a total of 30 hours per week (equating to a weekly total of £240.00), which amounts to a yearly total of £12,480.

(For a list of delivery salary estimates for Uber drivers in the UK in 2019, click here).

What is Deliveroo? Should I become a Deliveroo courier?

Deliveroo is a delivery service, where drivers deliver meals (from local restaurants) to patrons across Britain.

Currently, Deliveroo has about 3700 couriers in London, who deliver food on foot, bicycles or mopeds.

As independent contractors, Deliveroo has engendered substantial controversy for its payment scheme, where couriers are paid either £3.75 per delivery, or on a £7.00 per-hour fee, plus £1 per delivery. They payment system is currently undergoing review in 2017, but some couriers complain the fees are too low to justify working as a Deliveroo courier.

Deliveroo Driver Requirements 2019

To work for Deliveroo, you will need:

  • A scooter/motorbike or bicycle, as well as associated safety equipment (helmet, etc).
  • A Smartphone – either an iPhone 4s or above or Android 4.3 or above
  • The legal right to work in the United Kingdom

If you’re interested in applying to work as a Deliveroo courier, or simply finding out more information, click HERE.

Deliveroo courier pay

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