How Much Do Doordash Drivers Make in Phoenix?

How much money do Doordash drivers earn in Phoenix? Doordash Driver Pay Phoenix 2019

Curious about Doordash driver salaries in Phoenix? Check out our salary estimates for Doordash drivers in Phoenix.

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How much do Doordash Drivers Earn in Phoenix?

Doordash couriers in Phoenix earn approximately $40,809 per year.

The average Doordash driver in earns about $13.08 per trip and makes about 2 trips per hour ($26.16). The typical number of hours for a Doordash driver is 30 hours per week (equating to a weekly total of $784.80), which amounts to a yearly total of $40,809.60.

What is Doordash? Is it worth becoming a Doordash driver or Doordash courier (aka, a ”dasher”)?

If you’re used to picking up and dropping off passengers, delivering food may be outside of your comfort zone. But with lowered rates among Uber drivers, many individuals are currently either looking for additional work or a new rideshare-based job opportunity. With DoorDash, drivers are experiencing an up-and-coming business, with less customer interaction and a heavy emphasis on speedy delivery.

If you’re wondering why you would sign-up, here are a few key reasons:

  • There are no vehicle requirements in terms of age or condition
  • You only need to be 18 years of age, making it a great part-time opportunity for students
  • Ideal for individuals who prefer less interaction (i..e, no passenger conversations, etc)
  • Perfect for those who are looking for a change of pace
  • Can be good money + you get to keep 100% of tips
  • Be your own boss
  • Currently offered in 250+ cities

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  1. This is not true for phoenix. Drivers average $6-$8 per order with maybe 2 deliveries an hour. On average they’ll make $10-$12 an hour, but with a lot of senless driving around to hotspots that doordash requires you to drive too and wait for another order. You will make 1 delivery an hour, but drive around back and forth to different Mall/restraunt locations and won’t receive another job until you find the exact spot they want you to park in to check in. It can become frustrating driving in circles and wasting so much gas and time. You can make $200 in 2 days driving around for 10 hrs each day, racking 250 miles on your vehicle but dont forget to subtract your gas so maybe make $175. You get $2 for Delivering plus tip, which comes to an average $6-$8 total you’ll watch for each delivery. If you were to receive a large order to a business that pays $30 total, they wont send you anymore jobs for the next couple hours because they wont let you make over $10-$12 an hour and will just have you drive back and fourth to wait in diff spots for not reasons really except to waste gas and your time. Its good for if you need an extra few bucks. Sometimes you will make $16 in 1 hr but then wont receive anymore for at least a half an hr to average out your pay. So if you want to make a quick $10-$16 bucks for something simple, go for it. But fulltime will get under your skin and drive you nuts. It puts too much wear and tear on your vehicle, too much wasting gas and if your min wage in your area is over $10 an hr dont count on getting paid min. Wage. They will pay you the difference if you make under $10 in an hour. Good luck.

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