How much do Lyft drivers make in Aurora?

How much money do Lyft drivers make in Aurora in 2019?

Lyft Pay Aurora Colorado – Lyft driver salary Aurora 2019

How much do Lyft drivers make in Aurora Colorado?

Lyft Driver Hours in Aurora

It is possible to estimate the earnings of a Aurora Lyft driver, as follows:

  • An average trip for a Lyft driver pays out approximately $10.15 in the Aurora area.
  • Lyft drivers are able to complete about two full trips per hour (i.e., equating to a total hourly rate of $20.30).

Assuming an average Greensboro-based Lyft driver works about 30 hours per week, their total earnings amount to approximately $609.00 per week.

This equates to a yearly salary of $31,668 for a Aurora-based Lyft driver.

Driver Expenses & Lyft Commission

Our estimate of a Lyft driver’s salary in Aurora is a gross estimate. It does not factor in Lyffs commission (25%), or other operating costs, including fuel, car insurance, and taxes.

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