How Much Do Lyft Drivers Make in California?

How much money do Lyft drivers make in California?

Lyft Pay California – California Lyft Driver Salary 

How much do Lyft driver’s make in California?

In this post, we look at the various cities across California where Lyft is available, and do an overview of salary estimates in each city.

California Cities

Alameda, California   $28,173

Antioch, California   $26,020

Bakersfield, California   $26,863

Berkeley, California   $33,290

Burbank, California   $29,359

Carlsbad, California   $29,296

Chico, California   $25,615

Concord, California   $25,147

Corona, California   $27,268

Cupertino, California   $36,628

Daly City, California   $25,740

Davis, California   $26,488

El Centro, California   $23,400

Fairfield, California   $24,991

Fresno, California   $31,512

Hayward, California   $25,396

Healdsburg, California   $25,272

Inglewood, California   $28,111

La Jolla, California   $34,132

Laguna, California   $32,136

Lake Tahoe, California   $33,415

Lancaster, California   $26,520

Livermore, California   $26,488

Lodi, California   $26,301

Lompoc, California   $26,270

Long Beach, California   $34,382

Los Angeles, California   $31,044

Los Banos, California   $26,613

Manteca, California   $25,896

Merced, California   $25,615

Mill Valley, California   $27,892

Milpitas, California   $25,584

Mission Viejo, California   $28,080

Modesto, California   $27,268

Monterey, California   $32,448

Moreno Valley, California   $24,960

Morgan Hill, California   $25,303

Napa, California   $32,916

Newport Beach, California   $28,236

Oakland, California   $32,604

Oceanside, California   $28,142

Palm Springs-Palm Desert, California   $35,505

Pasadena, California   $28,516

Paso Robles, California   $28,142

Pleasanton, California   $26,738

Poway, California   $26,925

Redding, California   $28,298

Redlands, California   $28,548

Richmond, California   $28,173

Riverside, California   $25,677

Salinas, California   $26,239

San Bernardino, California   $29,016

San Diego, California   $39,124

San Francisco, California   $31,668.00

San Jose, California   $34,819

San Leandro, California   $29,359

San Luis Obispo, California   $28,017

San Mateo, California   $27,362

San Rafael, California   $25,365

Santa Barbara, California   $37,377

Santa Clara, California   $27,175

Santa Clarita, California   $25,116

Santa Cruz, California   $28,828

Santa Maria, California   $28,080

Santa Monica, California   $30,451

Santa Rosa, California   $25,958

Sonoma, California   $27,830

South San Francisco, California   $35,724

Stockton, California   $25,584

Sunnyvale, California   $29,265

Thousand Oaks, California   $31,012

Vallejo, California   $26,301

Ventura, California   $26,488

Victorville, California   $25,927

Walnut Creek, California   $28,672

Watsonville, California   $26,145

Yuba City, California   $25,459

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