How Much Do Lyft Driver’s Make in New Jersey?

How much money do Lyft drivers make in New Jersey?

Lyft Pay New Jersey – New Jersey Lyft Driver Salary 

How much do Lyft driver’s make in New Jersey?

In this post, we explore the question of how much Lyft drivers make in New Jersey per year.

Our estimate for an Lyft Drivers’ salary in New Jersey is $41,745.60.

Lyft Driver Hours & Expenses in New Jersey.

Estimating that a typical Lyft driver works around thirty hours every week, a New Jersey-based Lyft driver’s yearly income can be approximated as follows:

An average trip for a Lyft driver pays out approximately $13.38 in the New Jersey area, and Lyft drivers are able to complete about two full trips per hour (i.e., a total of $26.76).

Since an average Lyft driver works about 30 hours per week, the total per-week earnings are $802.80 per week — making a year’s salary for a driver $41,745.60.

New Jersey Lyft Driver – Expenses & Commission Costs

A Lyft driver’s revenue in New Jersey is a gross salary estimate (and does not factor in Lyft’s commission, or other operating costs, including vehicle maintenance, taxes, fuel).

However, costs differ significantly by vehicle (and driver) – income also depends, to a large degree, on when & where Lyft drivers choose to drive.

For drivers who target high-demand areas of New Jersey, income will be higher. Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle will help lower a driver’s operating expenses.

Best Locations for Lyft Drivers in New Jersey:
  • Camden
  • Cliffside Park
  • Elizabeth
  • EWR (Newark Airport)
  • Hackensack
  • Hoboken
  • Irvington
  • Jersey City
  • Newark
  • North Bergen
  • Orange
  • Paterson
  • Trenton
  • Union City
Best Times for Lyft Drivers in New Jersey:

Weekend/Friday & Saturday Nights:

  • 9.00pm – Midnight


  • Morning: 6.00am-10.00am
  • Evening: 4.30pm-7.00pm

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