How Much Do Lyft Premier Drivers Make in 2019?

Lyft Premier Pay by City 2019 – How much do Lyft Premier drivers make (2019)?

What is the average Lyft Premier driver salary in your city?

What does Lyft Premier pay in your city?

How much do Lyft Premier drivers earn, yearly and per-trip? Below, we provide salary estimates for Lyft Premier drivers in 2017.

Yearly Income Estimates for Lyft Premier Drivers (Lyft Premier driver salaries):

Atlanta, Georgia   $45,396

Baltimore, Maryland   $46,238

Boston, Massachusetts   $47,767

Chicago Illinois   $50,169

Dallas, Texas   $49,951

Denver, Colorado   $48,297

Las Vegas, Nevada   $52,072

Los Angeles, California   $46,987

Manhattan, New York   $56,503

Miami, Florida   $50,668

New Jersey   $45,895

New York City, New York   $56,503

Orange County, California   $46,394

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   $54,600

Phoenix, Arizona   $52,509

San Diego, California   $51,448

San Francisco, California   $62,743

Seattle, Washington   $49,483

Silicon Valley, California   $56,316

Washington, D.C.   $55,348

Average fare for Lyft Premier drivers by city (Income Per Trip):

Atlanta, Georgia   $14.55

Baltimore, Maryland   $14.82

Boston, Massachusetts   $15.31

Chicago Illinois   $16.08

Dallas, Texas   $16.01

Denver, Colorado   $15.48

Las Vegas, Nevada   $16.69

Los Angeles, California   $15.06

Manhattan, New York   $18.11

Miami, Florida   $16.24

New Jersey   $14.71

New York City, New York   $18.11

Orange County, California   $14.87

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   $17.50

Phoenix, Arizona   $16.83

San Diego, California   $16.49

San Francisco, California   $20.11

Seattle, Washington   $15.86

Silicon Valley, California   $18.05

Washington, D.C.   $17.74

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