How Much Do Pizza Hut Drivers Make?

Pizza Hut Driver Pay 2020 – How much money do Pizza Hut drivers make?

Pizza Hut Driver Salary 2020

Salaries for Pizza Hut Drivers in the United States vary depending on region; a state’s minimum wage laws; and how much the store relies on tips.

The hourly pay range for Pizza Hut delivery drivers typically ranges between $4 and $15 (with the average base pay being $8 per hour). Total Salaries are hard and imprecise to measure – given that tips drivers receive vary significantly (and obviously impact the total amount of money they make). Cash bonuses for delivery drivers come in at an average of about $820. Given Pizza Hut’s hourly pay; cash bonuses; and a rough estimated number of tips, the average Pizza Hut delivery driver can expect to make an average of $19,995 total in pay yearly.

Benefits of Becoming of Pizza Hut Delivery Driver

There are a few benefits that Pizza Hut delivery drivers can enjoy:

  • One such benefit is a 50% discount on all food.
  • Pizza Hut delivery drivers can also often get a personal pan pizza for free, each week.
  • Another significant benefit for delivery drivers (specifically part-time delivery drivers) is flexible hours. While management has the last word in finalizing hours, Pizza Hut delivery drivers employed part-time oftentimes enjoy a great deal of freedom in selecting hours to work, and find that their schedules can be malleable or altered quite easily.
  • Eligible Pizza Hut delivery drivers receive additional benefits such as healthcare coverage, paid time off and 401(k) plans.
Pizza Hut Driver Requirements

There are a few skills and requirements necessary to become a Pizza Hut Delivery Driver.

Specifically, Pizza Hut requires drivers to:

  • have a valid driver’s license
  • current driver’s insurance
  • a clean driving record
  • …and that their drivers be at least 18 years of age.
Additional Pizza Hut Requirements

A skill preferred (but not necessarily required) is that drivers know their way around areas in which they will be delivering. Pizza Hut also stresses the necessity of drivers always demonstrating hospitable and professional behavior, to ensure high service standards & customer satisfaction. A hospitable attitude is also a skill that helps drivers generate bigger (and more frequent) tips from customers.

Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers – Not Just Delivery!

While the main job of people hired as delivery drivers by Pizza Hut is (obviously) to deliver orders to homes and businesses, drivers may also be required to perform duties within the restaurant. Because of this, delivery drivers will receive training for delivering food as well as inside training at the restaurant to help perform tasks and make sure the business runs smoothly.

Pizza Hut Car Requirements

There are not any strict vehicle requirements for Pizza Hut delivery drivers.

It is standard for hired drivers to use their own personal cars. Apart from car insurance; valid tags; and a valid driver’s license (standard requirements for anyone to drive), any kind of car that’a blue to perform the necessary job requirements is valid for Pizza Hut delivery.

While using one’s own car can be good (because of the familiarity of driving it), it also worth remembering that it has some downsides. Notably, some employees site the following as major drawbacks to the job:

  • the constant smell of pizza that can linger in a car (apparently, it is reasonably difficult to remove).
  • …and the need to keep the gas tank filled (without a guaranteed stable salary)
Pizza Hut Delivery Salary & Job – Final Considerations

While the laid-back work environment, and reasonable hours, are definite pros to working as a Pizza Hut delivery driver, unless you have a reliable car with good gas mileage, the up and down night’s pay may make it a difficult job for some (especially individuals who seek a steady, predictable, and reliable salary).

Currently, Pizza Hut is expanding its delivery driver force through Summer and Fall 2017 (reportedly, by many thousands of drivers). Check out for more information on applying to become a Pizza Hut driver.

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