How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Australia & New Zealand?

How much money do Uber drivers make in Australia and New Zealand (2019)?

Want to know how much Uber drivers make in cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth?

Check out our list below for Uber Australia & Uber New Zealand salary estimates by city 2019:


Australia & New Zealand

Adelaide   $43,495

Auckland   $34,049

Brisbane   $41,209

Canberra   $33,052

Christchurch   $34,503

Geelong   $31,768

Gold Coast   $34,656

Melbourne   $59,092

Mornington Peninsula   $31,309

Newcastle   $32,346

Perth   $54,248

Sunshine Coast   $35,020

Sydney   $60,578

Toowoomba   $30,491

Victoria   $41,042

Wellington   $31,035

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