How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Canada?

Uber Driver Pay – Canada Cities

How much money do Uber drivers make in Canada?

Many people want to know how much Uber drivers make in Toronto, Montreal or Edmonton, or other Canadian cities.

Below, you’ll find our estimates for average yearly driver salaries across a variety of provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Alberta) and a number of cities throughout Canada. Salary projections are based off of drivers who work 20-28 hours per week, equating to approximately 60 trips per week.


Calgary  $ 53,030

Edmonton  $51,419

Halifax  $37,242

Hamilton  $34,093

Kingston  $37,409

Kitchener-Waterloo  $36,943

London, Ontario  $39,338

Montreal  $50,265

Niagara Region  $34,016

Ottawa  $48,753

Quebec City  $46,311

Toronto  $52,094

Windsor  $33,093

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