How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Quezon City, Philippines?

Uber Pay Quezon City 2019

How much money do Uber drivers make in Quezon City, Philippines?

How much money do Uber drivers make working in Quezon City, Philippines?

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How much is an Uber driver’s salary in Quezon City?

Our salary estimate for Uber drivers operating in Quezon City  and surrounding areas is approximately 296,400 PHP (Philippine Peso)

Weekly & Yearly Pay for an Average Uber Driver in Quezon City

The average trip for an Uber driver in Quezon City yields 95 PHP. As drivers usually complete approximately two full trips per hour, this equates to an hourly earning total of 190 PHP.

If an Uber driver in Quezon City works 30 hours per week, the total per-week earnings are 5700 PHP — making a year’s salary for a Quezon City-based Uber driver 296,400 PHP.

Costs & Expenses

Depending on a driver’s vehicle, driving strategy, and schedule, salaries may vary. Our salary estimate includes a basic estimate of operating expenses (fuel, maintenance, taxes, fares and tolls).

Uber Quezon City Coverage Area:

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Uber Quezon City Hotspots

High-Demand (Uber Hotspot) areas in Quezon City:

  • Central Quezon City
  • Golden Pyramid Pavilion and Resort
  • Luxent Hotel
  • Maginhawa Food Park
  • QCX Museum
  • University of the Philippines Campus
  • Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

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