How Much Do UberSUV Drivers Make in Los Angeles?

How much money do UberSUV drivers earn in Los Angeles? UberSUV Los Angeles Pay 2019

Want to know how much UberSUV drivers in Los Angeles make, per year?

Check out our estimates below, which examine the income prospects of a typical UberSUV driver in the Los Angeles, California area.

UberSUV Los Angeles Salary

UberSUV drivers in Los Angeles earn approximately $60,777 year.

The average UberSUV driver in Los Angeles driver earns about $19.48 per trip and makes about 2 trips per hour ($38.96).

Assuming a typical Los Angeles UberSUV driver works 30 hours per week, their weekly income intake equates to $1168.80 – amounting to a yearly total of $60,777.

What is UberSUV?

 UberSUV, a premium car service catering to large groups. Like an UberBLACK car, you can request an Uber SUV through the Uber App. Uber SUV is another version of the high-end, private Uber Black Car Service — however, UberSUV allows for six passengers, unlike UberBLACK (which only accommodates four passengers).

UberSUV is is the relevant option when you need a larger car, but still want retain the prestige of a limousine. UberSUV is listed as the upscale version of Uber’s “Extra Large” service. The title UberSUVactually pertains to two other Uber services: Uber BLACK and Uber XLTechnically speaking, UberXL + UberBlack = UberSUV.

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