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Uber Waiting Times & Cancellation Policy 

In Spring 2016, Uber began rolling out a series of adjustments to its cancellation rules & waiting-time policies.

In a few select markets, specifically New York, New Jersey, Phoenix and Dallas, Uber has begun testing a pilot program which makes two major changes to its cancellation rules.

Uber’s Current Rules

In most markets, Uber’s cancellation & waiting time rules will remain the same:

  • Uber passengers will not incur a fee if their drivers wait for them (curbside) longer than 2 minutes
  • Uber passengers will not incur a fee for canceling an Uber trip up to 5 minutes after requesting it

In Select Markets, Drivers Will Now Get Paid For Waiting Longer Than 2 Minutes.

Many Uber drivers felt they were waiting too long (sometimes 5 – 20 minutes) for their passengers to appear.

Now, under the new rules, they will be more fairly compensated as they wait for passengers to arrive. If wait times exceed 2 minutes, fare meters will be turned on, and passengers will start being charged by their drivers (*riders are charged as if the Uber ride was in-session – i.e., they incur the per minute rate for whichever city they are in).

If a rider does not show up within 5 minutes, they may be considered a ‘no-show’, and charged a full cancellation fee (the fee varies by city, but is usually between $4 and $10).

Shorter Cancellation Periods 

Sometimes riders need to cancel a trip after it’s been requested.

Unfortunately, cancelled trips can be a financial problem for drivers who begin traveling in the direction of a requested trip, only to see that trip ultimately cancelled.

Now, under the terms of Uber’s new pilot program, riders must cancel trips within two minutes of having been successfully matched with an Uber vehicle.

What Happens If A Rider Takes Longer Than Two Minutes?

After the two minutes are up, a fee may be incurred (different fees apply, depending on the city).

User’s old cancellation window was a five minute period.

If the pilot program succeeds, and is successfully adopted by both drivers and riders alike, expect Uber to roll out the policy across North American in 2017.

For all other riders, cancellation & waiting times remain

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