R.I.P. Uber T

Uber Taxi Update (Uber T)

Uber T Coming To An End in NYC

Uber T (also known as Uber Taxi) was a service that let users instantly request New York City Yellow Cabs using the Uber App. In effect, UberT acted as a cooperative alliance between Uber Technologies Inc. and New York’s local taxi operators (Medallion Financial Corp).

However, beginning in Fall 2016, Uber has announced that cooperation between Uber and yellow cabs is coming to an end.

At the beginning of September 2016, UberT will soon be relaunched as an exclusively green-cab-only service, available only in the outer boroughs of New York.

Why has Uber cancelled UberT?

UberT witnessed a 40% decrease in ridership over the Summer of 2016. UberT wasn’t extensively popular with regular users because it levied a $2 fee from riders, in addition to requiring cash or credit card payment (as opposed to built-in payment, as is the norm in regular Uber trips, such as UberX or UberBLACK).

When UberT’s service comes to an end on September 1st, Uber will start offering green cabs (in all boroughs) without a fee.

And, in contrast to UberT, passengers will be allowed to charge their fares directly to their Uber accounts (as is normally the case, with UberX).

What are Green Cabs?

Green cabs are an alternative to NYC’s regular Yellow Cab. Green Cabs are increasingly available in the NYC area, and use vehicle-models which are environmentally friendly.

When Uber begins its new Green Cab service, it will loop in its already-existing UberWAV service (a assisted & wheelchair accessible option). Accessible cars will be available in all five boroughs starting September 1st 2016.

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