Re-Order Items With Uber Eats

UberEATS re-order items

How Do I Reorder UberEATS Orders That I’ve Placed In The Past?

If you would like to reorder food that you have previously had delivered by UberEATs, simply tap the receipt icon at the bottom of the screen to see a detailed list of your past orders.

Scroll through the list until you find the order you would like to have again and tap the REORDER icon.

The UberEATs app will add the identical list of items to your cart, which will allow you to check the order carefully, to make sure it is exactly the same as your previous order.

When you are reordering, you can also add other items to your order. You can do this by selecting the restaurant you want to order from. The restaurant’s menu will appear, and you can add any additional dishes that you would like to your order. Once you’ve successfully added the new dishes, click the checkout button – you’ll then be able to double-check your order and make sure, and make sure you have the right quantity of each dish.

If there are dishes you had previously ordered that are no longer offered, they will not be added to your cart. This is why you should always be sure to carefully double-check your order before you place it. UberEATS menus and prices are often changed and updated by certain restaurants, so the UberEATS app will always reflect updated menus and prices. You can check updated prices on the checkout page.

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