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Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Well here are some facts that may surprise you. Most motorcycles are ridden less than 3,000 miles a year (whereas cars are ridden an average of 12,000 mile per year).

However, there are (surprisingly) 30 million riders with motorcycle licenses (while there are only approximately 9 million motorcycles currently in the United States). The number of motorcycle-less riders is not due to a lack of desire to ride a bike and ‘hit the open road’…but rather because of the comparatively high cost associated with traditional motorcycle rentals.

Well, that’s all changing now! The introduction of a new up-and-coming motorcycle rental service called Riders Share, a peer-to-peer motorcycle lending service, is making waves among the biker community and connecting people that want to ride (but can’t afford private ownership) with people that want to lend out their bikes (and make a little extra money on the side).

How does Riders Share Motorcycle Rental Work?

Riders Share allows prospective motorcycle owners to list their bikes online. Prospective riders can search through an available catalogue of bikes; see prices; contact bike owners; and rent a motorcycle that they desire!

Riders Share seeks to ensure the safe care of a lender’s motorcycle to make sure that they get it back in one piece. What sets it apart from Craigslist (or other informal ads), is the checks on riders that Riders Share perform. Riders Share is somewhat selective when it comes to vetting renters, but not in a tedious way. Riders Share simply verifies that borrowers have a valid M1 license (and they also check the driver’s criminal and safety records).

Drivers are also checked for their riding experience to ensure that motorcycle lenders can rest assured that their bikes are able to be handled with experience and care.

Renting out your motorcycle with Riders Share

There is no limit to how many motorcycles an owner can lend. Riders Share, however, requires that the motorcycles are up to date on any maintenance (and are fundamentally safe to ride). All motorcycle types are allowed for lending on Riders Share (even scooters).

While bikes may vary, Riders Share applies the same level of scrutiny on all rides rented out. Since cruiser motorcycles are statistically safer, Riders Share does have a preference for cruiser models (and, because of this, Riders Share’s ads are typically geared towards that type of motorcycle and motorcyclist).

Renting out your motorcycle – how you get paid

For payment, renters receive funds directly to their bank account once a bike is returned (and Riders Share pays motorcyclists monthly).

Are Fuel Expenses and Insurance covered by Riders Share?

Fuel costs for motorcycles are included in the rental fees, and because of this it is the motorcycle owner’s job to make sure the bike is fueled. While owners are required to have their own insurance valid in their state, for the duration of the rental Riders Share will insure the transaction. In the event that the borrower crashes the lender’s bike, Riders Share’s third-party insurance will cover the cost of damage up to $1 million. However, the renter must pay the liability protection deductible and administrative costs for up to $600. Reports of the bike’s damage must be made to Riders Share within three days. The renter is also responsible for any tickets they accrue during a rental period. If moving violations are caught on camera (and mailed to the lender), Riders Share will help the lender contest the ticket in court and transfer the liability to the renter.

All in all, Riders Share attempts to take the risk out of motorcycle lending (and give lenders peace of mind in an easy, hassle-free process). Simply put, Riders Share is a must for any motorcyclist looking to share their bike and make money – as well as for motorcyclists who’d like to ride a bike but can’t afford to purchase one.

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