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Call Roadie Customer Support at: 844-476-2343

You can also email Roadie Support at this address:

What is Roadie?

Roadie is a ‘rideshare delivery service’ (or ‘peer-to-peer’ delivery service) which allows drivers to earn extra money for carrying another (local) customer’s items to a desired destination.

Roadie is a natural extension of the ‘gig economy’ into the realm of Delivery Services (aiming to lower the costs of  traditional delivery services, like FedEx, UPS, etc).

Roadie allows people to deliver packages via private vehicles, which means delivery can happen anywhere, anytime (i.e., on weekends/Sundays, when some post office services are not available) and for almost any price. What’s more, the service allows people to ship almost anything — the Roadie App even allows certain drivers to transport animals!

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How does Roadie Work?

Effectively, Roadie is an app which connects local ‘senders’ and ‘drivers’ — and uses those local connections to lower the costs of transporting cargo.

Drivers: If you are traveling across the continental United States (i.e., NYC – LA)– and would like to earn a bit of extra money — you can check out Roadie & see if anyone has shipping needs that fit your route. If they do, you can see if you think the financial reward they’re offering (for transporting their goods) is adequate, and accept the job.

Senders: If you want to send a package (but would like to save money on shipping) you can access the Roadie network, post a ‘Gig’, and see if anyone happens to be driving towards your cargo’s desired destination. If someone likes your price & is traveling in the direction your cargo is heading, they may choose to deliver it for you. Senders can follow a Gig in ‘real-time’ directly on their smartphones, allowing for increased transparency & communication with drivers.

Each Roadie ‘Gig’ is covered by insurance ($500), although senders are given the option of purchasing additional insurance coverage (specifically, up to $10,000 worth of coverage).

Creating a Roadie Gig

If you want to ship something, Roadie makes it pretty simple: just download the app, create a profile, snap a photo of your item and select ‘Create A Gig’.

Your ‘Gig’ will be announced on Roadie, where local users will be able to view it as an open job opportunity

Anyone who happens to be heading in the same direction as your ‘Gig’ (say, from New York to San Francisco), can decide to take on the job (if it meets their desired price).

Where is Roadie available? 

Although Roadie initially launched in only nine states, it is now available everywhere in the continental United States.

Download the Roadie App

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