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Safr (formerly known as SafeHer & Chariot for Women) is a rideshare company designed by women, for women.

You can contact Safr Support at: or

Alternatively, you can contact Safr using this online form. A Safr Customer Support representative will respond to any queries you send them via their online system.

If you’d like to download the Safr App, check out the links below (*please note, the Safr App is currently by invitation only):

Click Here to download Ride Safr for Android Devices
Click Here to download Safr for Apple iOS Devices

What is Safr?

Safr is a Boston-based ridesharing company (similar in nature to Uber or Lyft), but with an added twist: most of Safr’s drivers & personnel are female (although the company does employ some men).

Safr’s majority-female workforce (and a company-wide focus on safety, above all else) is meant to ensure that Safr’s passengers feel safe hailing & riding in a rideshare vehicle. With Safr, passengers no longer have to worry about getting in a car with an unknown driver, or a driver who has not been thoroughly vetted.

What unique features does Safr offer as a rideshare company?

Safr is a premium car service, unique in its strong focus on SAFETY – for both passengers, and its drivers.

Safr’s drivers are paid much more than ordinary ridesharing companies (i.e., Uber or Lyft), and must undergo comprehensive background checks for driving history, as well as criminal checks. Safr only accepts top-of-the-line driving applicants, and its cars & security systems make sure that passengers ALWAYS arrive safely at their ultimate destinations.

Safr is slated to officially launch a beta version of its service in Boston in mid-2017, although it plans to rapidly expand its services in the following cities:

  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Washington D.C.

Can I sign up to become a Safr Driver?

Yes, it’s possible to register as an early applicant to become a Safr Driver.

If you already have experience as a rideshare driver, Safr purports to pay much more than the average rideshare company (as well as offering incentives and rewards to its employees). Safe encourages interested individuals & prospective drivers to register on their website.

The basic requirements to become a Safr driver include:
  • Being 21 years of age (or older) on the date of sign-up
  • Being in possession of a Massachusetts Driver’s License.
  • Being in possession of a valid driver’s license (for a period of at least 3 years)
  • Being in possession of a driver’s license, allowing the driver to drive a vehicle in any state — license must NOT have been suspended anytime in the prior 7 years.
  • Being in possession of valid vehicle insurance (allowing the driver to operate within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts).
Safr Vehicle Requirements include:
  • A vehicle which is registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (i.e., Massachusetts state).
  • A vehicle which is no older than 10 years
  • A vehicle which is a 4-door sedan (capable of seating 5 passengers, including the driver). Cars can also have larger capacity than 5 passengers.
  • A vehicle which is in excellent overall condition
  • A vehicle which has no cosmetic damage

For a full breakdown of Safr’s Driver Requirements (as well as Safr’s Vehicle Requirements), check out this page on signing up as a Safr Driver.

Safr Address

In addition to emailing Safr at, you can visit Safr’s Headquarters at the following address:

50 Milk Street (15th Floor)
Boston, MA 02109

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