Schedule an Uber Reservation

Schedule your Uber Ride – Can I make an Uber reservation?

Reserving Uber in advance – Uber Scheduled Rides

Yes, it IS possible to schedule an Uber ride in advance!

In 2016, Uber began rolling out an option for Uber passengers to schedule Uber trips ahead of time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book your Uber ride in advance:

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Reserve an Uber trip in advance:

  1. Locate the DESTINATION box
  2. Tap the icon which sits adjacent to the destination box.  
  3. Choose a DATE and 15 MINUTE WINDOW OF TIME in which you would like to be picked up by Uber.
  5. Choose your DESTINATION.
  6. You can always CHANGE or EDIT your pickup location by selecting the address, which is located direct next to the CALENDAR ICON on the map. 
  7. You will be shown your FARE ESTIMATE.
  8. Tap SCHEDULE TRIP to confirm your advanced-booking!

*Remember, you can schedule a ride 30 days in advance (or as little as 30 minutes in advance)!

book your uber trip in advance

To Review your Scheduled Trips:

  1. Once you’ve booked your trip, select YOUR TRIPS from the Uber App menu:
  2. Then, choose UPCOMING to review all of your scheduled trips. If you need to change or cancel a scheduled trip, select and tap CANCEL.
  3. Great news: you can always cancel a scheduled ride in advance of the pickup time FREE OF CHARGE!

Things to Remember about Scheduled Rides:

A few minutes before your scheduled date and time, Ubre drivers will receive your ride request (just like a normal UberX ride) The driver who accepts this trip request may arrive at your pickup location at any time within your 15 minute window. And, just like always, regular CANCELLATION FEES apply only once you have been connected with a driver.

Uber encourages passengers to be ready for their drivers to arrive ANYTIME with the 15 minute window – so be prepared!

Drivers who CANNOT locate passengers at their intended pickup spots can cancel your schedule ride after 5 minutes (and charge you a cancellation fee)!

Also note: Uber passengers CANNOT CURRENTLY SCHEDULE Uber rides in advance at the Airport.  In other words, Uber’s Scheduled Rides Program does not work at airports (but ordinary Uber services still function at most airports).

Scheduled Rides are also subject to SURGE PRICING – riders will be notified by Uber of a new fare estimate if surge pricing applies at the time of their scheduled ride (i.e., a scheduled ride & its attendant price estimate are not ‘set in stone’, and may increase if there is high demand at the time of your pre-reserved ride).

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