What is UberT (UberTaxi)?

UberTaxi, known as UberT in most cities, is a service in which licensed taxi cabs (i.e., regular taxi cabs; yellow cabs; and black cabs) are available upon request via the Uber App.

Like any Uber trip, a car is requested and paid for entirely through Uber’s app — but instead of receiving an ordinary UberX, a rider is picked up by a regular metered taxi.


Why does Uber offer UberT?

Along with buses and subways, taxi cabs are still the most popular mid-tier transportation option in most urban environments.

But, as ridesharing becomes increasingly popular, taxi services are adapting to meet a growing demand for fast, convenient, smartphone-ordered transit alternatives.

How does UberT work?

Uber Taxi (UberT) — like all of Uber’s services — is entirely cashless, letting customers book (and pay) directly through Uber’s smartphone app.

Users simply select the UberT option in the Uber app; complete their trip; and their credit or debit card will be charged automatically.

When you ‘hail’ an UberT through the mobile Uber App, passengers are matched with nearby Uber Taxi drivers who are driving regular metered cabs (but are nonetheless registered on Uber’s system of on-demand vehicles).

Determined by your current location (using your exact GPS coordinates), the closest Taxi Cab is quickly sent to your location, usually in 5-10 minutes, or less.

How much does UberT cost?

The rates for an Uber Taxi (UberT) depend on your location.

Only a select group of American cities currently offer UberT as an option:

  • New York
  • Boston
  • Washington D.C.
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Honolulu
  • A few international locations (London, Berlin) now also offer Uber Taxi — and the service is reportedly expanding to a variety of new countries.

Go to our Uber Cities page to see if UberT is available in your city.

Specific rates depend on the city you’re in. You will be charged a standard taxi rate for your location, as well as a booking fee (rarely over $2)

Tips are automatically included — a 20% tip will be added to your final bill.

UberT Rates and Cities

Why would I use UberT?

There are a few reasons for regular Uber-users to try UberT:

Avoiding Uber surge pricing.

During high-demand times for UberX (when surge pricing is in effect), you can avoid the 2-6 times fare increases by hailing an UberT instead (there is no surge pricing for UberTAXIs).

Bad Weather.

It’s no fun to trudge out in the snow or rain to hail a cab (especially during the winter months).

With UberT, you can simply order a cab in advance; wait indoors until your cab arrives at your doorstep, and then depart at your convenience.

Rush Hour.

If you work in a big city, you already know how hard it is to catch a cab during peak, post-work Rush Hour.

With UberT, you can simply hail a taxi electronically, instead of heading out into the street to try can catch a cab ‘manually’ (and having to compete with other would-be passengers who are all trying to do the same thing).

End-of-ride payment.

With regular cabs, you often have to wait for your driver to manually process (and sometimes transcribe) your credit card information. Sometimes this entire process can take upwards of 5-10 minutes.

With UberT, the end-of-ride transaction process is entirely eliminated — no more waiting.

Just step out of the cab, and go!

Speed and Efficiency.

Taxi-cab drivers are usually knowledgable drivers — they know the streets intimately, and can sometimes get you to your location faster than a regular UberX driver.

Airport transfers.

UberT can be useful for trips to-and-from major airports. Some city airports restrict UberX and UberBLACK services — but with UberT, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get a taxi to take you to (or from) the airport.

It’s a great way to sidestep current rules governing Uber’s access to Airports.

City prohibitions.

Some cities still prohibit UberX, UberBLACK and other Uber Services outright. However, many cities nonetheless allow UberT (since taxi services are technically run by private, professional companies).

This makes UberT is a convenient way to access an on-demand car service — and one that is, on a functional level, very similar to a regular Uber service.

Final thoughts:

In many cities, UberX or UberBLACK offer a cheaper (and more convenient) ride than an ordinary taxi cab. But — as detailed above, there are a number of circumstances when UberT is a good alternative.


It’s also worth noting — when you’re traveling internationally and when you don’t have wi-fi access (or a local taxi number on-hand) Uber Taxi’s availability can be very convenient.

Safer than a Cab

With UberT, you’ll always know that you can request a registered taxi, using only your credit card and phone (i.e., you don’t have to deal with a local driver claiming that ”their machine doesn’t work”, and that they only accept cash.)


Moreover, in certain cities — particularly London, UK — UberTAXIs are technically ‘oversized’, meaning they can seat up to five passengers; are wheelchair accessible; and can often accommodate oversized luggage.

In other words, in the UK, UberTAXIs are nearly analogous to UberXL vehicles.

No more ‘taxi scams’

Finally, it’s been suggested by some users and proponents of UberT that the service might actually be helping alleviate a larger problem — specifically, the scourge of local ”taxi scams” — a phenomenon which seems to proliferate in foreign (and American) cities — often near airports or transit hubs.

Since UberT deals exclusively with registered, legal taxi services, the chances of getting a ‘fake’ taxi operator is extremely low.

In other words, when you’re hailing a taxi from Uber on your smartphone, you can be sure it’s the real deal.

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