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How to split Uber fare 2019 – Uber Fare Split

How to split Uber fare with friends

How do you split an Uber Fare?

If you want to split the cost of a Uber trip with friends, family or colleagues, it’s easy to do. The Uber App has an  in-built function to allow fare-splitting amongst multiple passengers.

For Uber’s ‘split fare’ service to work, each Uber rider is usually charged an extra 25 cents (approximately) to split the ride’s overall fare.

How to Split an Uber Fare

Once you’ve requested an Uber vehicle, simply follow the steps below to evenly split a trip fare with other riders.

  1. After you have officially requested your Uber ride, tap on the driver’s name (or their displayed photo).
  2. Tap the words Fare Split.
  3. Select your friends names (located on your contact list)
  4. Tap ‘send’.
  5. Tap ‘done’.

Your co-riders will soon receive a ‘push notification’ from Uber, which they have to accept in order to allow the split fare (they must accept before the trip concludes). If your riders do not accept before the ride’s conclusion, you will be charged for the entire fare.

What if the other riders don’t have the Uber App on their phones?

To split a fare, your co-riders must have the Uber App installed on their smartphones.

They will be prompted to download the Uber App (and Sign Up as Riders) in order to accept a ‘fare split’ request.

Can Uber split a fare after a ride is over?

No. Unfortunately, Uber is unable to split a fare after a ride concludes.

Make sure your co-passengers have Uber installed on their phones, and that they’re willing to split a fare, before you start your ride.


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