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UberPOOL Suggested Drop-Offs

How does Uber Suggested Drop Offs Work?

Uber recently began a pilot program of a feature called ‘Suggested Drop-Offs’, which it initially rolled out in New York City in 2019.

Now the program has expanded to Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with the aim of improving the broader UberPOOL experience and expediting drop-off times.

What is Uber Suggested Drop-Offs?

UberPOOL sometimes receives a reputation for inefficiency – frustrating customers who feel that co-riders are (unfairly) dropped off before them, or that drivers are too-often delayed by traffic (or other obstacles) when dropping off another passenger – causing inconvenience, and costing lost-time, to co-passengers.

Uber’s Suggested Drop-Off program aims to cut-out ‘friction’ in the UberPOOL process, by suggesting optimal locations where UberPOOL riders can simply hop out of the car, and walk the rest of the way to their destination (usually a short distance), in order to expedite an UberPOOL trip for everyone.

The program is meant to reduce the frequency of delays relating to blocked streets, or one-way avenues (which are notorious for delaying UberPOOL rides by forcing drivers to circle back around roads or re-approach a missed destination).

Now – with Suggested Drop-Offs – as a passengers arrives near a final destination, Uber’s modeling system will examine traffic flows and street maps on-the-fly, effectively determining whether it might be faster for an UberPOOL rider to exit their vehicle at a location near their intended drop-off spot, and then simply walk a block or so to their ultimate destination (as opposed to being dropped at their precise location).

How Suggested Drop Offs work

If, during an UberPOOL ride, Uber’s system finds an optimal (i.e., faster-for-everyone) drop-off location near a rider’s initial destination, it sends an instant notification to a rider’s App.

The notification will indicate an approximate amount of ‘saved time’ that a Suggested Drop-Off spot will save a rider.

Agreeing to the Suggested Drop-Off spot is (of course) entirely up to a passenger.

If they are interested in updating their drop-off location, they simply select a blue box which appears on the Uber App’s live map. Their Uber driver will immediately receive an updated location on their GPS system, and will change their route accordingly

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