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What is Summon Rideshare?

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When you’re in need of a lift, who do you call? A taxi, Uber, or someone else?

Although there are a number of services and companies available, one thing is certain — transportation is evolving (quickly), and in many ways, it’s exciting for both drivers and passengers.

Founded in 2012, Summon is relatively similar to Lyft or Uber (in that its app will directly match customers with available drivers), but its focus is micro-targeted at improving transportation options in a specific region: namely, throughout major urban areas in California.

Currently, Summon is available in:

  • Berkeley
  • Emeryville
  • Oakland
  • San Francisco (as well as portions of the East Bay)
The History of Summon 

After the founder and CEO of Summon waited for a bus for over an hour, he knew that there had to be a better way of traveling locally. In fact, not only was his bus late, but also his cab, making him miss an international flight. Initially, this company was known as InstantCab, offering inexpensive, fast and reliable transportation.

After securing investments from numerous venture capitalists within Silicon Valley, Summon became what it is today — an on-demand app that connects passengers with either a personal driver or taxi cab. If you live within the Bay Area, you may have seen their signature ‘lightning bolt’ on passing cars.

summon rideshare

How Does Summon Benefit Drivers and Passengers?

As rideshare companies have evolved over the last few years, drivers and passengers have benefited in a number of ways.

There have been (increasingly) competitive fees for customers, and an expanding range of flexible career opportunities for drivers – and it’s becoming ever-clearer that the rideshare revolution will continue to consolidate its hold on the wider transportation market — especially for those who live in major cities across the United States (and in many cases, across the globe).

For those interested in becoming a driver with Summon mobile app, a major incentive is the company’s projections of driver salary:

Summon states that its drivers can make up to $35 an hour!

There are a number of perks, including the company’s cancellation policy. If a driver shows up and no one is there, drivers will be paid $5 for the attempt. Drivers can also receive $50 for referring another driver.

Summon Drivers even obtain a special credit card swiper, so that – if you come into contact with a non-Summon customer (or someone hailing a cab) – you can easily obtain payment with an in-built, proprietary credit card system.

Unlike Uber, Summon is opposed to surge pricing/flexible pricing in all forms, offering flat fares (which remain unchanged) during busy times.

Customers can benefit from what’s known as a ‘FareBack’ program. For Summon customers, this means that they’ll get credit towards future rides. As a robust incentive system for regular rideshare passengers, this is certainly a significant perk for repeat-users.

The First of Its Kind 

As stated by SFGate, Summon was the first company to be issued an official license for a transportation network company by California regulators. Based on their hybrid model, both taxi cabs and personal drivers are included within Summon’s rideshare team.

In order to receive this special type of license, companies must:

  • Run a criminal background check on all drivers
  • Establish a driver training program
  • Enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol
  • Hold commercial liability insurance (requiring a minimum of $1 million per-incident coverage)
  • Conduct a 19-point car inspection
Safety as a Priority at Summon

In terms of criminal background checkx, the founder of Summon has said that they ‘go above and beyond’ to ensure safety. Using a third-party agency, Summon’s Background Checks include every country in which the driver has lived in within the past seven years. Even if there’s a country that only offers physical files, the company will wait for approval.

There are approximately 7,000 licensed taxi drivers in San Francisco, with several thousand working directly with Summon. In these cases, fares are metered, plus a $1 service charge. The fares for personal drivers is slightly lower, offering passengers choice, based on location and convenience.

As mentioned, Summon owns & operates their own in-built ‘card swiper’, so – in most cases – drivers get paid on the same day they earn their fares. 

Moreover, in comparison to other companies, Summon charges a lower processing fee – an added bonus for prospective drivers in the SF area.

For more information (as either a ride or potential Summon driver), learn more about Summon here.

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