TappCar Requirements

TappCar Driver & Car Requirements 

Interested in becoming a TappCar driver in Edmonton or Calgary, Canada?

Here are the driver requirements for TappCar:

Basic Requirements for TappCar Drivers:

  • TappCar Drivers must be over 25 Years Old
  • Drivers must have a Driver’s Abstract (which dates back five years, at least)
  • Drivers must possess a valid ‘Class 4’ License
  • Drivers must possess no more than seven demerits
  • Drivers must have a clean criminal record (i.e., at least seven years without a criminal conviction)
  • Drivers must have a vehicle that is less than FIVE years old.
  • Drivers’ vehicles must undergo an annual vehicle inspection.

TappCar is renowned for its fair treatment of drivers, and is actively partnered with local unions in Calgary and Edmonton. Drivers receive full insurance and health benefits, and are allowed to keep all of their tips. 

If you’d like to apply to become a TappCar driver, call 780-222-5555 or email TappCarr Customer Support at support@tappcar.com.

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