Tipping Lyft Drivers

Lyft Tipping – Do Lyft Drivers Get Tipped

Like in any customer-service industry, tipping is always encouraged and appreciated.

Though not strictly required, tipping a Lyft driver is a sign of respect and appreciation for getting a rider safely to their destination.

Does Lyft Officially Allow its Drivers to Receive Tips?

Yes. As a company, Lyft permits tipping drivers.

Can Lyft Passengers Leave Tips in Cash, or by Card?

After a Lyft ride, riders have the option to tip their drivers directly through the Lyft App (or in person, with cash).

However, a rider can only add a tip through the app up to 16 hours after the ride, and as long as a rider has not yet submitted a rating or payment. The rating and payment both come from the credit card on file. After a Lyft trip, the ride cost and receipt will reflect the total ride price plus any added tips.

The good news is: 100% of tips go to the drivers.

Tipping Etiquette for Lyft Trips

Generally, the proper tipping etiquette for Lyft is the same as other taxis and ride share apps. Drivers appreciate tips and riders are encouraged to tip around 10-20% of their ride total.

If a rider has not yet tipped and would like to after payment is submitted, riders can still leave their driver a tip up to 72 hours after the ride is completed. Riders simply access their ride history and find the ride they would like to tip for. Riders find the ride and tap ‘add an additional tip.’ A tip can also be added by tapping the link at the bottom of a receipt that is e-mailed out.

Riders can also send Lyft a message including the driver’s name and the time and date of the ride and indicate how much they would like to tip the driver. Lyft will add the tip manually.

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