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American Express recently announced new benefits to holders of the company’s premium Platinum Card, including features which directly benefit Uber passengers.

Uber users who possess a Platinum American Express will (beginning in April 2017) be able to accrue $200 in Uber credits every year.

In many ways, Uber’s American Express Platinum program functions as the first truly substantive ‘incentive system’ for Uber riders (especially when compared to systems like Uber VIP, which offer limited rewards).

High-End Card Holders & Uber Passengers

The American Express program is aimed primarily at high-end Uber passengers.

Platinum Cards are expensive, and often represent the highest-paying American Express cardholders. In other words —

AmEx’snew Uber rewards program is isn’t aimed at the average Uber passenger.

How does AmEx’s Uber system work?

Simply put: Platinum Card holders will be able to earn $200 in Uber credits each year (this is a maximum amount — cardholders are not able to exceed $200).

Except for the month of December, AmEx Platinum cardholders can receive Uber ride credits in $15 bundles every month (in December, cardholders are eligible for $35 of Uber ride credit). Cardholders will receive the $15 credit on the first calendar day of every month.

In conjunction with the ride credit, cardholders will also automatically receive Uber VIP membership (you can read more about Uber’s VIP loyalty program here).

It’s also important to note: Platinum cardholders’ Uber credit WILL NOT ‘rollover’, month-to-month, or year-to-year.

Cardholders with Uber credit must use (or, otherwise, lose) their credit each & every month. The deadline for Uber credit usage is 12.00am (Midnight) in whatever timezone an AmEx Platinum Cardholder is currently inhabiting.

How to add & use the AmEx Platinum Card with your Uber account

Add the AmEx Platinum Card to your account by the following these steps:

  • To qualify for AmEx Uber ride credits, tap ‘Payment1 on the Uber passenger app menu.
  • Choose Add Payment.
  • Add your American Express Platinum Card.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the American Express Platinum Card’s Uber Rewards Program

For some cardholders, American Express’ new Uber rewards program is a major step in the right direction.

In many respects, the card’s ride-credit system constitutes the first major rider rewards & incentive system for regular Uber users (which many observers consider a long-overdue development).

For others, however, the high cost of the American Express Platinum Card outweighs the benefits. Many have complained that the card offers only limited Uber ride credit — especially for frequent Uber users, for whom $200 only amounts to a fraction of their overall rideshare spending.

If you’d like to apply for a Platinum Card, or if you’re interested in learning more about AmEx’s Uber rewards program (including costs, requirements and spending limits) — check out their website here.

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