Uber App Guide

Using the Uber Cab App 

Downloading Uber’s App

Looking for an easy guide to Uber’s App?

Check out our basic overview below, which shows new Uber Users everything they need to know about using the Uber App  including downloading the app itself & requesting vehicles.

The Uber App is an easy-to-use application which allows anyone to quickly hail an on-demand vehicle, in any location, completely at their convenience.

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How do I use the Uber App?

Using the Uber Cab App is incredibly simple.

First of all, users need to download the app on a personal smartphone — the Uber Cab App is available from the Google Play Store (if you’re using an android mobile phone), the Apple App Store (if you’re using an iPhone), or BlackBerry’s App World (if you’re using a Blackberry Handheld Device).

Creating an Uber Account

The next step is signing up for an Uber Account online on your smartphone. It’s a very simple process, and hardly takes any time at all.

  1. Start by visiting the Uber website, which you can do via THIS LINK.
  2. Click on the SIGN UP button.
  4. Click SIGN UP to confirm your account.

Using Uber

Now that you have the Uber App downloaded on your phone, simply follow the steps below to ‘hail’ an Uber vehicle:

  1. SIGN IN to the Uber Cab App by logging in with your correct username and password (these will be the same username & password that you’ve signed up with).
  2. SELECT YOUR VEHICLE TYPE. Available vehicle types differ by city, but UberX is the most common and widely-available service. Other popular services include UberPOOL, UberBLACK, UberSELECT and UberSUV.
  3. PLACE A PIN. After you’ve decided on your preferred vehicle type, simply ‘mark’ the map on your smartphone with a ‘pin’. Where you place the pin will indicate to an arriving driver where you want to be picked up. If you don’t want to use your finger to ‘drop’ the pin in place, it’s also possible to manually type in your preferred location. Once you’ve settled on a pickup spot, click on the ‘set pickup location’ button to confirm your ride.
  4. WAIT FOR YOUR RIDE. Navigate to the pickup address and wait for your ride to appear.  Your Uber vehicle should arrive shortly. Sometimes, it’s necessary to communicate with a driver to make sure they’re nearby — drivers will occasionally text or call passengers to confirm their location. It’s also worth noting that, in some cities, Uber now requires passengers to arrive at a vehicle in 2 minutes (*any longer may incur a small fee), and passengers are also charged a fee if they cancel a vehicle reservation fives minutes after ordering an Uber vehicle.

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