The Uber App for iOS

Download Uber for iOS

It’s easy to download the Uber Rider App on your Apple Device / iOS device.

Follow the steps below:

How to Download Uber for Apple Devices:

  1. Open up your smartphone of Apple Device. Tap on the APPLE APP STORE icon and tap SEARCH. 
  2. In the search box, manually type the word UBER.
  3. Tap SEARCH.  
  4. In the results, tap the Uber icon. 
  5. Tap GET to download the app.

Uber iOS Password Help

New Uber users may have to enter a personal Apple App Store password.

After you’ve finished downloading the Uber App, follow these steps:

  1. The words ‘Get App‘ will change to ‘Install
  2. Tap ‘Install
  3. Installation will take a few moments to finish.
  4. The word ‘Install‘ will change to ‘Open‘.

Simply select ‘Open‘ and you will be able to access (or set up) your Uber account on your Apple/iOS Smartphone or Device!

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