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New Uber Support Approach

Over the last two years, Uber began exploring the idea of ‘in-app support’.

Specifically, they developed a system of interactive questions which users can ‘click-through’ on their smartphones — a new method of providing solutions more dynamically (and more rapidly) than simply waiting on an email response from a customer-service representative.

How In-App Support Works

Riders (and drivers) often have questions which can be easily answered through a series of pre-established answers — answers which provide easy solutions and step-by-step instructions for solving problems.

Users simply click ‘HELP’ on their phone, and submit their questions. If a passenger has lost an item, for instance, Uber will guide users through a process on how to find & retrieve the item. If a passenger wants to check a receipt, or contact a past driver, Uber’s dynamic in-app system will help them figure out how to accomplish those needs.

Phasing Out support@uber.com and Phasing In In-App Support

User’s users are responding well to the new system. Reportedly, customer-support satisfaction levels have already increased considerably. Response-times are now much faster than on Uber’s existing email system.

Through 2016, Uber will increasingly be encouraging passengers (and drivers) to contact Uber directly through their apps, rather than via email.

Email (specifically, support@uber.com) will still be available, but priority will be put on passengers using in-app support —  in the United States, in-app support will begin expanding through 2016, and will soon become available across Europe and globally.

Uber’s goal is to create a customer service experience which is seamless — with limited need for cumbersome email exchanges or phone-based customer support.

For now, however, the same systems for contacting Uber still exist: read more about getting in touch with customer support here.

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