Uber as a Business Expense

What is Uber Auto-Expense?

Helping File Uber Trips As Business Expenses

Uber launched its ‘Business Profile’ feature in 2016, with the goal of separating work and personal rides for maximum convenience. The company recently announced a new feature within the Business Profile system: Auto-Expense — a feature which helps riders file their expense reports.

With Auto-Expense, passengers are able to link their Business Profiles to a registered ‘expense provider’ via an Expense Reporting App (such as Expensify, Concur, Certify, or Chrome River).

When a rider takes an Uber Trip within their Business Profile setting, a copy of their trip receipt will be sent to an expense provider for automatic reimbursement.

With Auto-Expense, Riders will Never Misplace or Forget an Expense Receipt

Submitting expense reports can be a time-consuming activity.

Moreover, even the most organized business professionals can easily misplace a travel or business receipt.

With Auto-Expense, professionals who are using Uber for business trips will never have to spend extra time searching for receipts — and will no longer need to worry about the possibility of paying (out-of-pocket) for business-expense trips.

How do I activate Auto-Expense on Uber Business Profiles?

Simply follow the steps outlined on the image guide below, which details the menu settings & email verification steps which will set-up Auto-Expense on your account.

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ on the Uber App >
  2. Tap ‘Business’ (under Profiles)
  3. Under Preferences, tap ‘Expense Provider’
  4. Uber will ask you to input an expense management platform, of your choice
  5. Uber will ask you to input your business email address.
  6. Verify the email from Uber.


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