Uber Calendar Shortcuts

Uber Calendar Shortcuts – How does Uber Calendar Shortcuts work?

What is Uber Calendar Shortcuts?

Uber Calendar Shortcuts allows you to connect your phone’s in-built calendar with the Uber Rider App.

It saves Uber passengers the trouble of searching for addresses through a phone’s address book or external calendar (and then having to manually type in the address into the Uber Rider App).

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How does the Uber Calendar App work?

How to use Uber Calendar Shortcuts:

Connect your smartphone’s calendar to Uber by:

  • Going to Settings > Calendar Events
  • Connect to your Calendar

*Note: It’s important to be completely certain your phone’s existing ‘calendar events’ contain a series of pre-existing addresses.

Uber Calendar Shortcuts iOS & Android Availability

Calendar Shortcuts is currently available for all Uber customers using iOS device.

Calendar Shortcuts is not yet available for Android, but expect availability to be offered mid-2017.

After you’ve successfully connected your phone’s calendar to Uber, all of your future meetings (located in from your phone’s existing calendar app) will show up as shortcuts, directly at the bottom of the screen whenever you open up the Uber Rider App.

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