Uber Car Requirements in Delhi

Delhi Uber Car Requirements

Uber Car Requirements Delhi 2019

Do you want to become an Uber driver in Delhi, India?

To become an Uber Cab driver, your car must meet a series of basic requirements, listed below.

Uber car requirements Delhi 2019:
  1. Age. Individuals interested in becoming Uber drivers must be over 21 years of age.
  2. Experience: To become Uber driver, you must have minimum 3 years experience of driving cars.
  3. License: You must possess a valid commercial driving license. (Even if you have recently moved from another state, you should continue to carefully preserve your driving license from a prior state. It may be necessary to sign up as an Uber driver).
  4. Insurance: You must have your car insured (in your own name) from the state in which you currently reside.
  5. Registration: Your car must be in good condition, and should have seating capacity of four in addition to driver. Car must be registered in the state where you wish to provide services to Uber.
  6. Police verification certificate: You are required to submit a police verification certificate before becoming Uber driver.
  7. Smartphone: If you have a smartphone, Uber provides training regarding device usage to all new Uber Cab drivers.
  8. Reference: You may require a written reference (written and signed by a reputable professional), allowing Uber to access information about your social background.
  9. Background check: Uber will verify your diving background to ensure that you have not committed any accidents/injuries while driving in a previous job. In case a history of accidents or driving errors is discovered, you may be declared ineligible. Background check take 5-10 days. Driving background checks are carried out to ensure that, in the last 7 years:
    • You have not been involved in crimes related to alcohol or drugs.
    • There has been no prior incidents relating to the absence of a valid driving license, or vehicle insurance.
    • You have not been at fault / caused any vehicular accidents
    • You do not have past record of poor driving.
Signing up as an Uber Driver

Sign Up Process:

Prospective Uber Cab drivers can sign up to drive with Uber by following the step-by-step information below:

Step 1: As a first step, fill out the online application form provided on company website.

Step 2: Get you car inspected at Uber inspection location.

Step 3: Wait for the driving background check clearance of the individual.

Step 4: Operate the vehicle as Uber cab driver.

Documents required for registration:

1. Registration certificate of your vehicle

2. Vehicle insurance documents

3. Safety/fitness certificate for your vehicle

4. Vehicle permit

5. Lease agreement (necessary only if you are renting/leasing your vehicle)

Personal documents:

1. Valid copy of your commercial driving license.

2. Police verification certificate

3. Copy of your primary photo identity

4. A cancelled check (or copy of bank pass-book or receipt)

Ways to formally associate your vehicle Uber Cab India:

You can have your vehicle associated with Uber Cab in three ways:

Driver/Owner: In the Driver/Owner category, drivers are the owners of their own vehicle. This category has minimum eligibility requirements, as follows:

  • Driving License
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Insurance of vehicle
  • Permit

Driver/Partner: In this category, a driver is NOT the personal owner of a vehicle (but a driver still must have access to a vehicle, and possess a valid driver’s license).

Non-driving partner: A non-driving partner is an individual who does not drive for Uber Cab, but is operating his vehicle through Uber’s system. For registration under this category, all documents are similar to those which are required vehicle under driver-cum-owner category. Such as:

  • Driving License
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Insurance of the vehicle
  • Permit

Categories of Uber Cab:

Uber company has two categories of vehicles for the convenience of its customers:

1. Uber Go

2. Uber X

Vehicles in the Uber Go category must have: four doors; be in good condition; and have clean interiors. Four people must be able to sit comfortably inside the vehicle (besides the vehicle’s driver), and all vehicles must be fitted with proper, fully-functioning windows and air conditioning. Examples of cars which fall under the Uber Go category include: Ford-Figo, Hyundai-Eon, Maruti Ritz, Wagon-R.

Basic eligibility for vehicles to be kept under category Ubser X are similar to Uber Go – however, UberX vehicles are more modern, and generally have a higher-quality standard. Examples of UberX vehicles include: Honda-Amaze, Hyundai-Accent, Maruti-Swift Dzire, Tata-Indigo etc.


Uber Cab categorizes vehicle operation according to pre-determined number of rides. Drivers keep the earnings from each passenger, and Uber receives a 25% fee from each trip.

Payments are made to drivers through Paytm, Debit card or credit card, and are credited directly to a driver’s account.

The balance amount is paid into the account of an Uber driver on weekly basis (after Uber has reconciled fares received from passengers, and deducted its 25% fee). A driver’s daily income is the total amount remaining after deducting expenses of petrol/diesel, a driver’s data card, smartphone expenses, monthly payments on a leased or purchased vehicle, and Uber’s fee.

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