Uber Car Requirements

Uber Driver Car Requirements

Uber Car Requirements

Do you want to become an Uber driver but are not sure whether your vehicle meets all of the Uber car requirements? UberX, Uber XL, and Uber PLUS allow you to use your personal vehicle without commercial licensing or insurance, but your car still must meet the basic criteria listed here. So here are the Uber car requirements.

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If you want to drive for Uber BLACK, Uber SUV, or Uber LUX, your car must meet stricter standards. Read about the Uber car requirements below for Uber Black.

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Uber Car Requirements – 2019

The Uber service types each have a different set of vehicle requirements. UberX, the basic most common Uber service accepts any 4-door car of a certain age. On the other hand, the professional Uber BLACK services accept only certain vehicles.

Every Uber driver, regardless of the Uber service, must meet these basic Uber car requirements:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must have 3 years driving experience.
  • You must have an in-state Drivers License (depending on your state).
  • You must have a clean driving record.
  • You must pass a background check.

You can read more about the Uber driver requirements here.

Uber car requirements for each car service in 2017 are listed below…

Cost of UberXUberX Car Requirements:

  • 4-door sedan, must seat 4 or more passengers excluding the driver
  • Year 2005 or newer*
  • * Uber car year requirements vary by city. It is currently year 2002 or newer in many cities.
    • NYC – 2007
    • Pittsburgh – 2007
    • Philadelphia – 2005
    • Chicago – 2005
    • In some other cities it must be 2008 or newer
  • In-state car insurance
  • In-state plates
  • Current car registration
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles
  • Pass the Uber vehicle inspection

UberXL Car Requirements:

  • 4-door, must seat 6 or more passengers excluding the driver
  • Year 2004 or newer*
  • * Uber car requirements vary by city  for the corresponding year as well. It is currently year 2002 or newer in many cities:
    • NYC – 2006
    • Pittsburgh – 2006
    • Philadelphia – 2002
    • Chicago – 2002
    • In some other cities it must be 2006 or newer
  • In-state car insurance
  • In-state plates
  • Current car registration
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles
  • Pass the Uber vehicle inspection


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Uber Car Requirements

UberSELECT Car Requirements:

Available in select cities only. Formerly known as Uber PLUS in some markets. 

  • 4-door luxury sedans, must seat 5 or more passengers.
  • Year 2009 or newer.*
  • Leather Interior.
  • In-state car insurance.
  • In-state plates.
  • Current car registration.
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles.
  • Pass the Uber vehicle inspection

UberSELECT approved vehicles.

Acura:  RDX, RLX, TL, TLX, ILX.
Audi:  A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, S3, S4, S6, Q3, Q5, Q7.
BMW:  3-series, 5-series, 7-series, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6.
Cadillac:  ATS, CTS, DTS, SRX, XTS.
Chrysler:  300.
Hummer:  H3.
Hyundai: Genesis, Equus.
Infiniti:  EX, FX, G, JX, M, Q, QX50, QX70.
Jaguar:  XF, XJ.
Kia: K900.
Land Rover:  Range Rover.
Lexus:  ES, IS, NX, RX, GS, GX, LS.
Lincoln:  MKT, MKS, MKX, MKZ, MKC, Town Car.
Mercedes-Benz:C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, G-Class, GLK-Class, M-Class, R-Class.
Porsche:  Macan, Cayenne, Panamera.
Tesla:  Model S.
Volvo:  S60, S80, XC90.

*Uber BLACK and LUX cars are also accepted.

Source: ubermovement.com

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What is Uber Black Car (UberBLACK)?

UberBLACK is a professional chauffeur service. The requirements for Uber Black Car are more strict than for UberX. Only specific cars are accepted. In addition, all Uber Black Car services require the driver to carry commercial car insurance, a TCP, and an airport permit.

The upside for Uber Black drivers is that the fares are higher than UberX fares. In Los Angeles Uber Black fare is calculated at $3.55/mile and $0.45/min plus an $8 base fare. UberX is only $1/mile, $0.18/min and no base fare. This means that an Uber Black driver may make more money than an UberX driver.

These are the Uber Black Car Types. They are only available in select cities.

  • UberBLACK is the traditional Black Luxury Sedan Service.
  • UberSUV is the larger SUV version of that for 6 or more passengers.
  • UberLUX is the high-end version of these.

UberBLACK car requirements

You must have commercial car insurance, a TCP, and an airport permit.

Your vehicle also must meet these criteria:

  • Sedan, crossover SUV, or full-size SUV
  • Great condition
  • Black exterior
  • Black interior
  • Comfortably seats 4+ passengers
  • Four doors
  • 2013 or newer*
  • Pass the Uber vehicle inspection

UberBLACK approved vehicles

Audi: A6, A7
BMW: 5 Series
Cadillac: XTS
Infiniti: Q70
Jaguar: XF
Lexus: GS
Mercedes-Benz: E-Class

*Uber LUX vehicles are also accepted.

Find more about UberBLACK Vehicle Requirements here.

Uber SUV Vehicles

UberSUV car requirements

You must have commercial car insurance, a TCP, and an airport permit in most cities to satisfy the Uber car requirements.

Your vehicle also must meet these criteria:

  • Full-size SUV
  • Great condition
  • Black exterior
  • Black interior
  • Comfortably seats 6+ passengers
  • Four doors
  • 2012 or newer
  • Pass the Uber vehicle inspection

UberSUV approved vehicles

Cadillac: Escalade ESV
Chevrolet: Suburban
GMC: Yukon XL
Infiniti: QX56, QX80
Lexus: LX
Lincoln: Navigator L
Mercedes-Benz: GL-Class

Find more about UberSUV vehicle requirements here.

Uber LUX driver - only the highest rated

UberLUX car requirements

Available in select cities only.

You must have commercial car insurance, a TCP, and an airport permit in most cities.

Your vehicle also must meet these criteria:

  • Sedan, crossover SUV, or full-size SUV
  • Great condition
  • Black exterior
  • Black interior
  • Comfortably seats 4+ passengers
  • Four doors
  • 2013 or newer
  • Pass the Uber vehicle inspection

UberLUX approved vehicles

Audi: A8
BMW: 7 Series
Jaguar: XJ
Land Rover: Range Rover
Lexus: LS
Mercedes-Benz: S-Class, G-Class
Porsche: Panamera
Tesla: Model S
Bentley: All 4-door
Maybach: All 4-door
Rolls Royce: All 4-door

Source: ubermovement.com

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Updated 1-10-2019

Updated 1- 12-2017

Updated 3-21-2016



    Hi I got a car for Uber still didn’t Register myself with Uber I have a question .
    Do I need to get full coverage insurance ?
    I bought 2007Toyota Corolla type s 135000 is a milage can I work as driver for Uber please let me know .
    I have a clean driving record I don’t have any Ticket yet

  • IDWU

    Uber only requires drivers to carry automobile insurance that meets the local state’s requirements.
    Based on what you said, you should qualify to drive with Uber. Best way to find out is to just apply.
    Hope that helps.

  • Umair Shaukat

    Respected Madam/Sir my name is Umair Shaukat and I’m working with uberX my question is that I wana drive SUV what should I do can you plz explain me when and how? Thank you

  • Hello, I’m a hire car driver. My HC plate is on a 5 series BMW 2005 model
    My private car is an Aldi 6. It’s a 2007 model. Both cars have leather seats

    Which car can be used for uber work? I live in Newcastle NSW

  • Peter Carusone

    Hello, my name is Peter and i wanted to know if i own one of your approved SUV’S is it required that have to have commercial insurance, a tcp and an airport permit,or can i do your X, XL OR PLUS services.

  • hector

    is there a phone number to customer service?

  • sharat

    Hello my name is Sharat,,my question is can we use 1 car for 2 ID

  • Benson Asamoa

    Hello my Truck is a 2009 VW Tiguan and I want to know if I can use it for UberX sine I dont see VW listed.

  • Dany

    can i put Porsche: Panamera in to the UBERlux becuase back seats of Porsche: Panamera u can fit just just 2 people there is a consul of the middle?

  • william love

    If I want to drive for uber and I have a service dog..can I bring him with me on my shift???

  • Ashfaq Ahmad

    My name is Ashfaq Ahmad i am driving uber x with tcp number .I want to drive suv or uber black pleas tele me when will be start adding.

  • eric

    so if I live in nj can i drive in philadelphia? What if my car is registered in NJ?

  • Stanickzai

    Hi I have a very good BMW 2001 clean title so can I work with it in Uber pls answer me

  • Adil

    hi uber i am from united arab emirate i want to work with uber how can i sign up and the specification car type nedd pls let me know

  • Michael Matthews

    I live in Baltimore MD what year car can I drive for uber x

  • steve

    i have 2012 cad srx,2005 suburban slt,2008 toy 4 door tacoma p/u,2004gmc 2500hd 4-door 4×4,also 12ft & 16ft utility trailors that can be used.i would like to talk to someone about my possibities 903-566-8660

  • Jim

    Is this a uber doober situation ?

  • Mary

    Is 2009 Acura MDX green exterior with gray leather interior acceptable for uber plus?

  • Rafael

    is there a limit in the amount of miles my car has? ex. my car is over 150k, is it possible to still drive it for uber?

  • Mary

    Yes it is

  • phillip hopson

    I have a 2001 Mercedes e430 with 104k clean title and drivers lic. Would I qualify for a uber position?

  • Jerrod

    You just need a 2005 or better that’s it

  • Carlos Lopez

    I have a 2013 lincoln mkz and a 2013 cadillac ats. Can I use both vehicles for uber?

  • Mebruk

    Hi my car is Dodge Journey it’s 87,000 miles also condition is”good ” can I use this car for über XL ? thanks

  • Mebruk

    Hi my car is Dodge Journey 2010 7 passengers it’s 87,000 miles also condition is”good ” can I use this car for über XL ? thanks

  • Smith

    Hello My name is Smith Williams .I have been driving for Uber for a While now and My country had been deactivated for fraud.I don’t really know What happened. What should I do?

  • Hello, does a Prius C 4 qualify? This is smaller than a regular Prius.

  • Brown Mariki

    Hello, I live in Houston Tx. I have a silver 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Is clean with air condition.
    Can I become a Uber driver?

  • Jim

    What if you don’t have 4 doors I have 2006 Toyota full leather etc.

  • Josh

    Hello I have a 2004 Audi s4 sedan with 85k I see that that might be way too old to operate in New York City but are there any exceptions since it would be considered a higher quality car?

  • Walter

    Helo I have a Toyota Sienna 2004 van can use this vehicle to work for Uber?

  • I have one year old license , question is my license is from New York City , I want drive in Chicago. Can I become a uber driver or not?

  • Denny K

    I have a maruti swift Dzire 2013 zedan model car with private registration, can i become a uber driver with this car?

  • Susan sullivan

    You need to contact different insurance companies to see which ones will cover you. There are many drivers out there that unknowingly are not covered. Many insurance companies will cancel you as soon as they find out you drive for Uber

  • heyhoe65

    no you have to have a 2008 or newer

  • Kyle

    I have a 2007 gmc arcadia slt. It’s fully loaded. Would it qualify?

  • 4speedjim

    Im a little suprised there are no mini vans on any list. The Chrysler town & country and 300 4 door sedan in the LUX and PLUS Uber line up.

  • ray

    Uber does not clarify if you need a commercial license only or does it have to be licensed under a specific business type ie. Limousine, etc ?

  • Marc marochelle

    I have an infini M37=Q70 2011 I want to apply to Uber Black I am already in uber x with a Nissan Rogue .

  • kathy rene

    Im planning to buy a 2015 Chrysler 300 limited would my car be qualified for uber black.

  • I have a Chrysler 300 limited my car qualified for uber black ?

  • adeeljanjua1994@hotmail.com

    Can i drive honda accord or toyota camry black with uber?

  • They should have a special requirement for older cars pre 2000. I have a rare 1989 Pontiac Bonneville SSE fully loaded with leather seats, super clean, less than 100k miles in pristine condition and cant be an uber driver. It is disappointing because it rides very smooth and many people enjoyed riding in the car, mostly friends and co-workers. All I am saying they should have a “special?” requirement for older cars even from the ’50s as long as they are luxurious and in perfect condition

  • ke

    hey i have a 06 bmw 325i can i do uber plus?

  • Shaun Ngcobo

    I have registered for Uber partner and want to buy car. the challenge is that I do not know which car will qualify for Uber shuttle services. Please advise.

  • Marisela Waymire

    I have 2015 Chevrolet Express Van is this acceptable

  • Todd Ogletree

    Can a UberX driver pickup passengers at airports?

  • andrew Sklvermeran

    I have a 2005 Ferrari f430. Can I be an uber driver?

  • I have a black 2012 Chevy Equinox. Can I use this for Uber Black?

  • César Palencia

    hello, for which California is minimal year for vehicles?

  • I have 2014 dodge ram 1500 4 doors would this qualify

  • Sam

    I own a 2015 black suburban with gray leather. Would this qualify?

  • Anthony

    nobody wants to pay a premium for ride in a beater.

  • Guy Richards

    Is there any category that my 2001 XKR Jaguar can be a Uber vehicle

  • IDWU

    A really cool car, but unfortunately at this time there doesn’t seem to be any Uber service category that accepts a sports coupe.

  • IDWU

    It sounds like your 2015 black Suburban would qualify.

  • IDWU

    Car requirements depend heavily on your city or area. It is best to contact Uber directly to make sure your car qualifies.

  • Tommy lee

    bottom line. Just bought a 2016 Toyota Tacoma 4 door truck. It is loaded. Can I use it as my uber vehicle. Let me know asap for I am very excited to make more money

  • Tommy lee

    This tommy send me a costumer service number. I am requesting to see if I can use my 4 door 2016 Toyota Tacoma. It’s a truck with 4 doors beautiful ok interior

  • IDWU

    Sounds like your Tacoma qualifies. Make sure to double check with local Uber car requirements, as they may vary depending on your exact location. Good luck 🙂

  • jbusler

    I have a 2002 grand caravan all leather can this be used as a uber vehicle

  • jbusler

    2002 grand caravan all leather can this be used as a uber vehicle in the oklahoma city area

  • Ludwick

    How can i register my car to uber?

  • Ludwick

    How can i register my car to uber?

  • sherpa

    Yes you can use this. Remember you make 1$ only per mile.
    I believe it doesn’t pay for the gas if you went long distance

  • Jane

    I have a Kia Sportage 2014, do you think it will work?

  • James Coleman

    I am looking into purchasing a new vehicle… I am wanting to go Uber Plus… The Salesperson at Kia said his Cousin is driving Uber Plus in a 2016 Kia Optima (with leather interior)… Does anyone know if this is true? Will a 2017 Kia Optima (with Leather Interior) qualify for Uber Plus?

  • Lord Sithis

    My business partner is trying to sign up with UberBlack using a Lincoln. Is that possible in some towns?

  • Kimberly

    I am purchasing a 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE. Leather, seats 8, it’s a crossover SUV. Before I sight on the dotted line….should I buy a black one with black leather, or is it even going to make a difference! I would like to drive uberSUV.

  • rusty

    can i use a 2015 black ford f150 4door super crew cab alt as a uber vehicle?

  • rusty

    xlt not alt! autocorrect strikes again

  • Lisa

    am thinking of replacing my lincon mks with toyota avalon 2013, are toyota avalon accepted with commercial livery

  • Lisa

    its lisa again , am base in los angeles

  • Robert

    What year does the car have to be in Daytona Beach, Fl? Just normal sm 4 door cars.

  • Jim McNally

    are you sure an F150 is a sedan?

  • Jay

    Chevy Sonic 4 Dr hatchback?

  • Mr.. Knowitall

    Uber Classic. Please. Do it. People will want rides in a wide variety of classic 2 and 4 passenger vehicles.

  • Timmy Hooper

    Toyota Prius C – Not accepted. Prius or Prius V – Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper

    Lincoln MKZ – Accepted
    Cadillac ATS – NOT Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper

    Dodge Journey – 2006 or Newer and Pass Vehicle Safety Inspection – Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper

    Dodge Journey 2010 – Accepted / (XL seats more than 5+ people, not counting yourself Accepted)

  • Timmy Hooper

    2006 Toyota Prius MUST have 4doors and seat 4 passengers

  • Timmy Hooper

    Unfortuntely it MUST be 2006 or Newer

  • Timmy Hooper

    Hi Walter,

    It MUST be 2006 or Newer for Toyota Sienna.

  • Timmy Hooper


    Maruti Swift Dzire 2013 – NOT Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper


    GMC Arcadia SLT – Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper


    Infiniti M37/Q70 with Black Exterior/Interior Leather – Accepted as UberBlack

  • Timmy Hooper


    Chrysler 300 Year 2006 or Newer – UberX only at this time until further notice by staff

  • Timmy Hooper


    Chrysler 300 Year 2015 – UberX only at this time until further notice by staff

  • Timmy Hooper

    Honda Accord & Toyota Camry – Accepted as UberX

  • Timmy Hooper

    The Ideal for Uber is to provide Newer, Safer, With more safety features and technology than a Taxi that smells like Vomit or someone has past away in. Im sure your car is in great condition and smells great but doesnt have all the safety features as the new cars. Thank you for the Question

  • Timmy Hooper


    BMW 325i year 2006 – Accepted as UberX

  • Timmy Hooper


    Please let me know your budget and how many passengers you want to carry and I can assist. Please email me ( thooper86@yahoo.com ) Thank you

  • Timmy Hooper


    This Vehicle is not listed on approved Vehicles, Please email uber support for your answer. Thank you

  • Timmy Hooper


    Uber Drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers but can drop off. Thanks for your Question.

  • Timmy Hooper


    2005 Ferrari F430 – Not Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper


    2012 Chevy Equinox – UberX only

  • Timmy Hooper


    Per Uber website, LA/OC/SD and SF – 2001 or newer – Approved

  • Timmy Hooper


    2015 Black Suburban – Approved as UberSUV with following restrictions:

    *Driver is required to have commercial registration and insurance.
    *Airport permit is required.(if you want to go to the Airport)

  • Timmy Hooper


    Unfortunately at this time, The vehicle must be 4 doors and seat 4 passengers

  • Timmy Hooper


    I would contact uber support but by the 2002 year, I would Say Not Accepted.

  • Timmy Hooper

    I used my phone, to take picture of the Tag registration and insurance card and uploaded via my phone as well you’ll do the safety Inspection form as well.

  • Timmy Hooper


    2014 Kia Sportage – Approved

  • Timmy Hooper

    2014 or Newer of a Kia Optima with leather interior – Approved as UberPlus

    An entry-level four-door luxury sedan is required.
    The vehicle must have a leather interior.
    Must seat at four passengers, not including the driver.
    Only vehicles 2007 or newer will be accepted into UberPlus / UberSelect

  • Timmy Hooper

    2014 or newer
    Sedan or full-size SUV.
    Black exterior and interior.
    Vehicle should be at least 2010 or newer. (Updated from 2012 for 2016)
    Must seat at least four passengers (Sedan) or six passengers (SUV).
    Driver is required to have commercial registration and insurance.
    Airport permit is required.

  • Timmy Hooper

    2014 or newer Lincoln MKT & MKX -Black Exterior Black Interior Leather – Accepted UberBlack

  • Timmy Hooper


    Chevy Sonic – Not Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper

    2004 or Newer – Approved

  • Timmy Hooper


    Your Lincoln MKS 2001 or Newer – Accepted
    and Toyota Avalon 2001 or Newer – Accepted

  • Timmy Hooper

    it Varies from State To State

  • Timmy Hooper


    Long as you have 3 years of driving experience and are over the age 21(23 in some cities). Your Good to go.

  • Timmy Hooper

    It would Vary on Your city/State and if it passes the Safety Inspection.

  • Timmy Hooper

    Uber doesnt specify any certain mileage, but it MUST pass a safety inspection.

  • Timmy Hooper

    An entry-level four-door luxury sedan is required.
    The vehicle must have a leather interior.
    Must seat at four passengers, not including the driver.
    Only vehicles 2007 or newer will be accepted into UberPlus / UberSelect.

  • Timmy Hooper


    It depends on your State and the Model of the BMW.

  • Timmy Hooper


    The vehicle must have 4 doors and seat 4 passengers plus yourself.

  • Timmy Hooper


    2009 VW Tiguan – Accepted as UberX

  • Timmy Hooper

    I agree, Driving a Truck or anything with V6 or larger, you will be barely making any money.

  • Joey

    Im confused, why would someone who owns such an expensive car want a job as a driver? Surely if you can afford the Lux car then u have the money already. Please enlighten me?

  • Elvia

    Does a 2016 Kia Sorento fully loaded qualify for UberBlack in Chicago?

  • David

    I have. 2015 Fiat 500L is this car ok to drive in Cleveland Ohio

  • Jake

    Hi, I am looking at possibly driving full time over the summer and during next semester in Miami, and as I look at cars, I have a question. The requirements say, “4-door sedan”. Does this mean hatchbacks are not allowed? There are some nice 4-door hatchbacks…

  • Ed

    I have a white 2015, 4 door Jeep Sahara with black leather interior. If I drive for Uber, can I get something more then Uber X for a $50K vehicle??

  • Chad

    2010 Chevy hhr grand Rapids, Michigan?

  • Timmy Hooper


  • Timmy Hooper


    they are in alabama but think of the mpg

  • Chad

    2010 Dodge Caliber they look like they can hold a driver and 3 adults plus maybe a child ?

  • Timmy Hooper

    dodge caliber – accepted

  • Timmy Hooper

    some hb are ,depends on the vehicle. example 2005 dodge caliber is accepted but a chevy sonic hb not accecpted.

  • Timmy Hooper

    Fiat is not accepted

  • Timmy Hooper

    uberx only

  • Timmy Hooper

    i dont see it accepted but recommend email uber support for your answer . thanks

  • Timmy Hooper

    2001 or newer

  • Timmy Hooper

    Hi Joey,

    My theory was the same, However some may already own a vehicle of that type/price tag or prefer to have a vehicle that luxurious and do uber part time for the retired or they just want to have something of that nature hoping to draw more clients/customers, However thats not the case unless their city doesnt have many Lux or UberXL vehicles, that generates more business for them, But in Huntsville, Alabama, it just launched on March 7th 2016 and we ONLY have UberX ONLY at this time, But when we get the options for the other options, Those drivers can/could earn more than the ones here now with a UberX only.

    Thanks for your Question!

  • Timmy Hooper

    If anyone has any further Questions, Please feel free to ask, I will do my best to respond within 72 hours!

    Happy and Safe Ubering!

  • Carlos

    I have a 2009 Lincoln Towncar nice blue with leather. Can it be a Uber Select?

  • staceylbee

    Is a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport an acceptable vehicle for any Uber driving?

  • Kevin

    Which ones does an 2009 Audi Q7 TDI S-line qualify for? Only uberXL and select? Is it possible to qualify for luxury or is the car too old? Would a new audiQ7 qualify for SUV?

  • Bob Stone

    I would like to become a Uber Black, I have a 2016 Toyota Highlander with 3rd row seats, will conformably seat 6. I did not see toyota on the approved vechical list, but does meet the approved SUV Black list. Can you help me with this question. Thnalks

  • Timmy Hooper

    it can be as a UberX if it passes inspection

  • Timmy Hooper

    yes it can be used for UberX or UberXL (if available in your city)

  • Timmy Hooper

    audi q7 could be UberBlack if black outside and black leather interior. but not as a SUV.

  • Timmy Hooper

    toyota highlander is only UberXL

  • Timmy Hooper

    Hope Everyone’s week is going well. Again I’ll check the forum for new Questions within 72 hours. or email thooper86@yahoo.com for a quicker response.

    Thank You All and be Safe!
    Happy Ubering!

  • Milan

    For UberBlack, Even if the car owns everything that Uber requres, but the car is not on the list? I’m asking for Honda Civic 2016

  • Julia

    is there statistics anywhere on what’s more in demand in Miami between UberXL and LUX SUV? I’m buying a car and want to know what’s better. Any recommendations?

  • Timmy Hooper

    hi milan,

    the civic still would be just uberx but atleast easy to clean with leather

  • Timmy Hooper

    hi julia,

    there is not any statistics however it depends on the area you plan on driving. is it more upscale with richer people or would you rather be able to haul more than 4 passengers. personally id go all out so you can do both ☺

  • chris

    would my bmw m5 qualify for uberlux? or uber black?

  • Ebony B

    Is it possible to register as a driver in more than one state? That way you can pick up in both states.

  • Timmy Hooper

    i have replied via email for your concern. thank you

  • Timmy Hooper

    hi chris,

    that would be uber black if leather.


  • Mike

    Simple-let’s say I have $300k in the bank but I just lost my job and don’t have any marketable skills and/or fed up with being woken up by the alarm clock and going to work where I sit in front of the computer 5 days a week 9am-6pm and have to play all kinds of office politics. I have a toyota worth ~$12k which I can sell and only add $8k and buy one of the cars required for high payout. I then sign up and work 3-4 hours a day to cover basic living expenses, and when I say “work” it’s not really hard work because I also hang out at the beach, visit girlfriends(haha), run some other errands, etc.
    This is my first time on the forum, would be curious to know what you Timmy and others think about what I wrote.

  • Mark

    hi; What year model suburban SUV in San Diego is approved?

  • Jeremy

    Is a 2008 Chevy Uplander ok for uber in Kentucky?




    2011 model sante fe

  • harry reed

    2106 Black Tesla Model X Six Seats Uber Black or LUX?

  • Oscar

    Where would a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited fall under? seats 5 with driver. Live near Los Angeles

  • Tauseef

    Can i use toyota Hybrid 2010 in Uber X

  • Jose Ramirez

    2016 Audi S4, i don’t see it as an uberblack? Will it qualify for uber black? I just don’t see why would I should only be able to do uberx -_- and only get 5 bucks for 2 miles or something like that.

  • Jose Ramirez

    btw this has all the available ops. incl. carbon fiber and the audi leather.

  • Gerald Mclaurin

    Can I use a 2008 Nissan Titan

  • Gerald Mclaurin

    Can I use a 2008 Nissan Titan crew truck Black Exterior Black Interior Leather would it qualify in Atlanta GA and if so which Uber Category?

  • Jo

    Can my 2 door, 4 seat Audi A3 convertible be used as an Uber car?

  • ErCraig

    I am looking at getting an Impreza. It has the hump in the middle of the floor in the back. Would that disqualify the car?

  • DJ

    fiat has been approved in some cases. I rode in a 500L last weekend

  • David Sanchez

    Hey there good afternoon. Is a ford focus st eligible for uber?

  • ericm

    I drive a Tesla Model S. Driving Uber is my tv time- a different form of entertainment for me. sounds weird I know, but also keeps me humble.

  • Mak Patel

    hi my name is mak.i have international licence from 6 year.clear white record. can i drive uber?

  • Kemesha

    What about a 2009 Buick Enclave

  • Amber

    Would a black 2016 Lexus IS 200t F sport qualify for uberLUX?

  • regina nelson

    I have a 2012 will i be require to go up to a 2013 next year

  • Casee J

    I have the same Jo…is any body answering these questions?

  • Joseph Kaplan

    Uber is screwed up, I own a BLACK VOLVO with a parchment LEATHER interior this is a $45,000 car and it fits in the low end of the pay scale, these guys are jokers…no thanks Uber

  • jy

    can i use a 2009 toyota prius with 300k miles for uber or lyft

  • Dale Hulvey

    What level would a 2015 Black on Black Chrysler 300 in Tucson, AZ be rated as?

  • Dale Hulvey

    What level would a 2016 Black on Black Suburban in Tucson, AZ be rated as?

  • Armando C

    I got a new Mustang, looks like I’m out of luck, oh well..

  • Cincinnati

    The info I’ve seen online has these words “Note: There are many cars not listed! This is just to give you a rough idea.

    BMW 5-Series & 7-Series
    Mercedes S/G/GL/GLA/GLC-Class+
    Volvo XC90
    Infiniti Q70
    Lexus LS460
    Audi A6/A7/A8
    Hyundai Genesis
    Jaguar XF/XJ
    Range Rover
    Porsche Cayenne & Macan
    Rolls-Royce Phantom & Ghost
    Cadillac Escalade
    Volvo S80”

    I bought a Durango RT with Black out option and RT means sleeper Hemi with no logo on the outside. It is a sweet ride, 7 seat vehicle, appears to be an fbi car (lol) plenty of room for passengers, low to ground like a sedan so easy to get into and out of, and has all the bells and whistles and all the electronic hookup chargers anyone could wish for including the Uconnect system with mass info at the fingertips. Uber Select drivers have opted for it under Uber XL because no select were in the area and they were highly impressed saying it is better than the Uber Select vehicles here in Cinci. Unfortunately, son has had no luck getting it added on the Uber app for select or black though. Son wants to use it for premium service, yet it isn’t on the list above, so he is driving x in a chevy cruise here in Cinci because why put miles on a premium vehicle that Uber won’t accept for premium service? The pay isn’t enough to cover the mileage on the vehicle if Uber won’t add to select and black. The ideal would be for someone from Uber to take a look at this car. It is a head turner.

    My other son drives the Durango for Lyft. He applied to Uber 3 months ago, but Checkr background service pulled an incorrect background check on him, so he didn’t approve it. He went through the steps with the courthouse to get his record corrected, then followed the steps to upload the background check. Now Checkr points to Uber saying they’ve done their part, and Uber points to Checkr saying they are waiting on the background check. Apparently it is a common problem judging by Checkr complaints online. Since neither Checkr nor Uber provides anyone to speak with directly, it went out into never never land. So that son drives for Lyft. He had a passenger a couple of weeks ago who searched Uber select, black, and XL, but none were in his area. So he switched to Lyft app and spotted my son’s XL and selected it. He told my son he saw the Durango rounding the corner and said “Please let this be my car. Please let this be my car.” lol yes it was his car. He was ecstatic when my son pulled up and yes indeed that was his ride. The blacked out RT stands out.

    I had colleagues telling me about Uber driving at least a year prior to either son applying. I was highly skeptical. Have worked for a consumer goods giant for 29 years now, and with that comes a lot of scrutiny of the latest fad. When one of my sons finally bit the bullet to apply, have to say I was impressed with how it went. The app is really impressive. If I could help work out the bugs like the Checkr issue, I would in my spare time free of charge. I love innovation <3

  • Bob

    Does a Jeep SUV work or does it have to be an actual car?

  • Jennifer

    Timmy, I’m in Houston, Texas and looking to buy a Hummer or BMW X5. Do either or both of those qualify?

  • Hailey

    If I’m a driver on my mom insurance can I still use my vehicle?

  • Joe Hartman

    Am interested in becoming an Uber Driver and have been told a number of things regarding the vehicle that is acceptable. I have a 2005 Ford Freestar Minivan, which holds 6 passengers in excellent condition.

    Is this vehicle acceptable for the requirements of Uber?

  • Stephen

    I have a 2014 Base Infiniti Q50 with all leather interior and all the necessary registration and licensing requirements. Should I be classified as Uber Select for a luxury vehicle?

  • thomasah

    Uber requires 4 doors

  • thomasah

    yes. If there is a 3rd row seat, the XL as well

  • thomasah

    that year is not made yet

  • thomasah

    the Sport would be only X because there is no 3rd row seat. The larger Outlander third row seat is classified by Mitsubishi as “emergency seats”

  • william

    Can I use a Toyota Prius C 2014 hatchback?

  • Jake

    So in Philadelphia I can driver a 2001 or newer vehicle? Is there a limit to how many miles are on the car? What if it does have a salvaged or rebuilt title but was properly fixed and passd PA saftey inspections?

  • himan

    I have a Mitsubishi mirage 2015 in great condition. its four door but hatchback. so can it be approve if I sign up?

  • Tanya Jackson

    what is the mileage requirements

  • henryrii

    Can I drive my Chevy Silverado 4 door pick up truck .
    Newer model with leather interior , low miles ?

  • Dan Lock

    I have a Yukon Denali with captain chair in the middle seats it has six seats total including the drivers seat. does this qualify for uber XL?

  • Horror Fan

    Jesus Crhist you and your stupid pos durango. Who gives a shit about chrysler idiot. Stfu.

  • Horror Fan

    No but you can go back to your country.

  • Pycckiy Gow

    Hello i am considering to start a business with uber as a partner. Is it worth of buying lux car for their uber black service?

  • Pycckiy Gow

    Or its better to start regular uber. Im planning to start in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • jleonard711

    To drive for UberSUV or UberBlack your vehicle must meet these criteria:

    Full-size SUV
    Great condition
    Black exterior
    Black interior

    Since yours is white it would only quality for UberXL

  • jleonard711

    Only UberXL, it needs to be black inside & out to qualify for Uber Black (hence the obvious name).

  • Malinda Paxton

    Can I use my jeep wrangler 4 door hard top to drive for uber?

  • Pap Gábor

    Hi! Can I use my 2014 vauxhall insignia estate for uber in London? Thanks

  • michael

    can I use my 2104 Toyota Tundra as regular uberX or uberXL is 4 passenger truck.

  • Nick

    Lmk what you hear on this, I have a similar question

  • Bruce Centerwall

    Can I use a 2014 Toyota Tacoma? It has 4 full sized doors.

  • .45StayAlive

    Is a BMW 5 Series Station Wagon acceptable for UberSelect in Chicago. I would think so, given that they accept the X3 and X5 both of which are not “Sedans” (they are SUVs). But before I buy one I want to be sure. I think a luxury station Wagon such as a BMW 535i Wagon would be a great choice, especially for doing Airport Runs when passengers have a lot of Luggage (each side of the rear seat folds down separately allow more luggage storage if needed).
    I’ve searched all over the Internet and can’t find my answer. On the UberSelect page for Phoenix page, it says any body style with four doors is acceptable. But on the Chicago page it is ambiguous, since it says “luxury sedans” for UberSelect on the main page of car requirements, but then lists the BMW X3 and X5 as acceptable on the specific page for UberSelect requirments (but does not say the station wagon versions of the 3 or 54 seris are okay).

  • Salma

    Hi, please I have seen that Nissan Rouge is listed in UberSelect website site, I have a 2016 black one with leather seats! I got confused because I read different requirements in every website so here you have not listed Rouge as Uberselect but they do in the website.. Can you help me with this ? Thanks

  • Spicyyy

    you are most welcome

  • Spicyyy

    why would you do that to somebody

  • Spicyyy

    stop with the pickup trucks

  • Spicyyy

    cheap ass

  • Spicyyy

    we don’t order uber black for mazdas

  • Spicyyy

    you business partner wants to drive for uber? you need a new partner

  • Reginald

    I have a 2015 Cadillac SUV is there anyway I can get it signed up with Uber SUV

  • Reginald

    2015 Cadillac truck in Los Angeles uber SUV how do I register there not taking any more any suggestions

  • Dustin

    Hi I have 2016 Acura TLX black no problem for using NYC uber black

  • Yombo

    I have 2005 Highlander Toyota grey colour to partner in Uber services in Nigeria. Please what are requirements for SUV.thanks

  • mj1

    I wana become a uber driver but Im located in Ontario, Canada. (toronto)
    Im goanna get other a
    2013 Ford taturus EX police car
    or a
    2011 Dodge Charger Ex police car.

    Both would be suitable?…… Right?


    I don’t have a car, do you or your partner provide the car ?

  • Anna

    I have a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab that I use with Uber

  • Anna

    I drive a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with Uber and Lyft. While yes it uses more gas than a car it really isn’t that bad and my riders LOVE it.

  • Anna

    I use a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab and I do pretty well. Yes I would make more if I drove a car but my riders LOVE the truck and it really isn’t that bad. I only drive part time and focus on the rush hour and bar hours to maximize my profits.

  • Katiusca Perez

    i have a nissan murano with 69,000 miles on it. can it be it be used to uber in maimi? is there a mile requirment for a vehicle?

  • Falak

    Can dodge durango drive Uber?

  • Greg

    What is the Uber Select accepted vehicle list for 2017 in the Los
    Angeles area? I’m looking to buy a car now, but I will want to use it
    for Uber Select after the new year (2 months from now).
    Worth noting: if my life depended on getting in touch with Uber, I’d be a dead man.

  • ahmed m farag

    Hi, i live in Washington, Warren county NJ, i have 2 Lincoln town car 2010 with OL license plates both are black on black in a very good condition. My question is can I use them with uber and which uber X or XL or Black. Thanks.

  • Freeway

    Yes. Must have four full size doors and five seats and seat belts. Car must be clean and you must drive slow and gently and you’ll do fine.

  • Freeway

    I’m pretty sure the last bench has 3 seats.

  • Freeway

    As in how many miles on the car? They don’t check and it doesn’t matter. Only the year and pass safety inspection.

  • Freeway

    Yes. Any four door car with five seats and seatbelts.

  • Freeway


  • Freeway

    What year? If newer than you can use it for UberSUV.

  • matt

    I was trying to figure that out today. thanks

  • matt

    2014 dodge ram 1500 crew cab. black on black. loaded. Can I use it for Uberblack?

  • Eddy Gilmore

    I drive a 2008 Toyota Prius, but it is prior salvage. Crap. It is in great shape now, and very comfortable. I guess this isn’t acceptable, eh?

  • Navaratnam Thevananth

    Hi my name is Jonah .I have a car en57ztz I live in uk can I work with uber my car registered in march 2008 .plse let me no asap

  • Ali

    Hi guys I have ES lexus 2008 and can I drive next year ?,I mean 2017 are they gonna change 2008to 2009?

  • Tdavis

    What if my car is 3 door?

  • Pradeep

    Hi ,

    I work in a company in OMR. I want to take some rides while go to office and way back home.

    Is that possible?

    My Car is Santro xing (Black borad) & not yellow borad. Will I be eligible.

  • Ajahnah Bailey-Thompson

    If my car is registred and insured in a family members name can i still sign up to drive ?

  • Joe Wright

    Can a quad cab Chevy silverado be used OR A Chrysler town & country.

  • Barry Allen

    in New Jersey What is the age limit or min. year accepted by Uber

  • Barry Allen

    New Jersey What is the age limit or min. year of a car accepted by Uber

  • William

    Have a white Audi A3 2.0t with 25% tinted windows and aftermarket black rims and can’t even qualify for Uber. In short, no convertibles that aren’t 4 doors and 5 passengers.

  • Luis

    Can I drive a Hyundai Veloster with Uber?

  • julio

    i want to become a UBER driver part time but i drive a 2013 ford f 150 4 door crew cab XLT, i it possible to use this vehicle.

  • Donald Gresham

    Hello, I am thinking about purchasing a top end 2015 Hyundai Genesis. It is silver with black interior. What levels of Uber do I qualify to drive in Seattle Wa? Thank you in advance for your input.

  • Matthew Wagner

    2009 Infiniti QX56 would be considered under what category?

  • Brandi

    what are some examples of registration that will work. My is only on my car. I don’t get a form like insurance

  • George

    I am an Uber driver in Florida I am running a BMW 7 02 I get great reviews if I were to use a srx caddy and did Uber l and Uber select what would be the difference in pay pre Mile

  • Colin Adams

    Vehicle has to have 4 doors.

  • Iftikhar ul Amin


  • Iftikhar ul Amin

    any body here?
    i need a little help

  • Kendric Page

    Hello, I’m looking into buy a 2011 G37 Infiniti to drive in NYC will that be accepted as an UberSelect vehicle?

  • keith chapman

    What about using a Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew, is that acceptable?

  • Nic Cast

    Can u use a Chevrolet Cruise, 4 door for Uber?

  • Heather Stokes

    It should go directly to uber green light station with the vehicle ir pictures and vin number they can tell you immediately

  • Miles J Mack

    Hey, I have a Lincoln Continental convertible, can I join uber with it?

  • Jorge

    I have a car that I do not use, can i rent it out to have someone Uber as a job? So basically rent out my car to Uber.

  • Chad Bear

    I have a 2014 Ford Taurus sho tuxedo black with black leather interior but it’s not on the list? How do more cars get added, especially specialty cars?

  • Teresa

    I drive with Uber, my husband is trying to complete his signup using our same car. They said we can use the same vehicle inspection if we download the form, but it wont load and I keep getting a nonsense auto reply from their email saying it has been resolved… but its not…any ideas on how I actually get a real person who I can explain this to?

  • Debbie

    what are the current UBER XL rates? Thinking about changing my car to a seven seater to earn more money..does anyone know what the rate is for Uber XL?

  • Guybumbling

    Has Uber thought of allowing RV owners become drivers for long-distance travelers?

  • Rick Baker

    I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, 5.7 Hemi engine with black leather interior .. does this qualify for UberBlack? https://pictures.dealer.com/l/littlerockcdjcllc/1846/f16825d86cdd25afef6bd0310b2bc85fx.jpg

  • Pontificate

    I have an Audi A5 convertible…Uber Select lists it as acceptable, but would the lack of 4 doors disqualify it? Thanks in advance.

  • Tarragon Mugwort

    Go to an Uber blue light station.

  • Tarragon Mugwort

    Almost the same as X. Maybe a dollar more for the total price of ride in XL.

  • Waqas Butt

    Does anybody know if you can drive a imported car with uber in Manchester UK ?
    Would be of nice help to know.

  • Sean McCommons

    Can you deliver for uber without giving passenger rides and if so is it still required to have a 4 door sedan just to deliver?

  • Nick


  • Nick


  • Nick


  • Nick


  • Nick

    Who’s going to pay thousands of dollars to table in someone else’s RV? Nobody, so no they haven’t

  • Jessica Tripp

    where do you live?

  • miguel

    my car its rebuilt title can i be uber partner?

  • Soon

    Uber black the car must black colors for exterior other colors can’t be con uber

  • Ryan Ugto

    Pwd po ba eon hyundai?

  • Al Gaines

    Uber Greenlight Hub. Close, lol. But it’s Greenlight, Greenlight Hubs. However in any event, @Teresa you can visit help.Uber.com for Greenlight locations in your area. If you’re in the NJ area then you’re in luck. Uber has recently opened 3 NEW Greenlight locations to better serve their employees… Oops… did i say that out loud? I meant, their drivers… I mean “Partners”, sorry. Again, visit the above web page (help.uber.com) for Greenlight locations as not all Greenlight Hubs are operational M-F or 9-5. Some Hubs have limited hours, some are open late night to accommodate those with Full Time jobs, full schedules, some are only open one day, ect.

  • Al Gaines

    Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter much with Uber unless you’re interested in making yet another hefty investment. I too have the same vehicle with the intentions of making more money due the my investment that i made in my vehicle. Wrong. But even close. If you do not have a Livery Insurance Policy (which carries 1.5 million of coverage) then you’ll only be able to drive that vehicle under UberX. I have a 2015 Ford Taurus SHO, black on black and could only drive UberX. 8 months and 78,000 miles later, i wised up. I learned how to make Uber work for me and not me working for them. If i can help you Further with any questions you may have, or anyone who wants a quick and direct answers, i can be reached @ ezrides.usa@gmail.com In case my email is blocked or obscured, it’s Easy Rides but spelled with the letter “E” and “Z” then “rides” dot “USA” at “@” “gmail” dot com. All one word & no spaces. This goes for anyone who may need help with questions. I do not work for Uber but I am one of their Top Partners in New Jersey abs I’ve been driving UberX & UberXL for 3 years now. Since they first launched here in NJ

  • Al Gaines

    Yes.. but it varies from market to market. Example, your vehicle type can be used in Florida. But that vehicle type can’t be used in NJ NY. VISIT HELP.UBER.COM
    or partners.uber.com for vehicles in your market

  • Al Gaines

    Uber used to be 2006 or newer. However since Lfyt has started to expand their operating rapidly, Uber needed to stay ahead of the competition. Lyft allows vehicles to be 2000 our newer. When lyft gained additional riders, Uber decided to do the same thing. So yes you’re ok.

  • Al Gaines

    No you’ll be on. Uber lowered the vehicle years to 2001 and newer now.

  • Al Gaines

    Only if you’re added to their insurance policy. At which point if you are, then you must provide this info to Uber. But YOU MUST BE ON THE POLICY.

  • Al Gaines

    Yes, Uber has a in app feature that allows you to input a destination and they’ll do their best to link you with a rider traveling your way. You can select this option truce per day.

  • Al Gaines

    Yes and no. Uber does however partner with Enterprise Rent A Car and special finance manager.

  • Al Gaines

    You’ll only be able to sign up for UberSUV if you also have a livery insurance policy (with 1.5 million dollars coverage). However you’ll find that you can sign up for UberX & UberXL

  • Al Gaines


  • Al Gaines

    Depending on your market

  • Al Gaines

    No… because it entails a lot work and you’ll need certificates too.

  • Al Gaines

    Yes.. i too have the same. Uber only advertise 6 seats anyway

  • imsurroundedbyidiots

    It’s gonna need a big vehicle to get into lol

  • susan padilla

    good day,ask ko sana kung pwede mitshubishi mirage hatchback?thanks

  • Jack Henry

    UberBLACK approved vehicles
    Audi: A6, A7
    BMW: 5 Series
    Cadillac: XTS
    Infiniti: Q70
    Jaguar: XF
    Lexus: GS
    Mercedes-Benz: E-Class

  • damian

    hello…i see that they dont take salvage (which is ridiculous and the car is perfect and lyft took it.) do the however take “rebuilt” titles?

  • Dan

    Im sure some would like to get picked up in a Z. Add the 370Z for single riders 🙂

  • Alex Patel

    I have a 2016 Mazda CX-9 and 1 month old license on me AGE 26, local. Can I do UBER with this conditions Location : NJ. What Category do I fall in ?

  • Christopher Braun

    hyundai veloster 2013??

  • Bad21Puns

    Yes you can! What city do you live in?

  • Thatguy

    ok quick qusetion its says must have a 4 door but then says that the audi a5 is ok which is a 2 door is this a mistake or can i use that?

  • Andrew


    I’ve a black 2011 four-door, five-passenger, MINI Countryman. Does this qualify for driving UberX (base uber)?

    Thank you


    What kind of uber would my truck be under? My truck is a 2011 Nissan Frontier 4 door

  • Joseph Wilder

    Can I drive a Ford Fiesta

  • Manuel De La Cruz

    Your wrong on the select class “must seat 5 or more passengers.”
    The uber requirement web page says 4. I do not see how one can seat 5 passengers in a sedan. One can sit in the passenger seat and then three in the back. That makes 4.

  • YorkVillian

    Or you both need to re-think your business abilities.

  • steven gilmore

    I have a 2014 jeep grand cherokee black , can I do uber black ???

  • Ray Contreras

    How would I k ow the type of vehicle Uber used to sing me up? My says Cv what does this mean?

  • For Financing for any of these vehicles go to http://www.tlcfinancing.com/

  • Joe Headrick


  • Joe Headrick

    Opps all Caps…Sorry..

  • Bill Kieffer

    Are there Vehicle year exceptions? I have a 1998 Ford Escort 4 door… Low mileage (60k) in pristine condition. I can take 4 passengers. It is in great mechanical shape, very reliable.

  • Rick Zingsheim

    I was told that when I got picked up at the airport, I was suppose to call for an “uberplus” because I had luggage, which would have cost me more than a cab ( 1- bag and 1- set of golf clubs ). How am I suppose to know which to call for? I was also by myself.
    P.s. I was also. Charged $12.59 for car. Just got another quote for same ride, $8-$11 same distance. What gives?

  • cathy

    does it really pay to drive w uber?

  • cathy

    i hate working for people and have a limited schedule sometimes. i do have a 4runner that is a 7 passenger and iam thinking of driving for uber. can someone help me w the in’s / out’s. im in KY.

  • Azniv Saraydarian

    Hi I am an Uber driver I need rent a car for tow weeks to drive for uber …

  • Azniv Saraydarian

    Is there anybody to chat with me?

  • Azniv Saraydarian

    I need to rent a car for tow weeks to drive for Uber

  • Natasha

    Yes you will really get paid at the end of each week the money is deposited into your account, you can make anywhere from $20.00 – $48.00 per hour depending on the day, specials, time and surges going on. Also the type of car you drive can be a big difference an SUV vs. a small compact car could pay half the amount. Some states and areas pay more than others but try it you may see it is most profitable for such a flexible, be your own boss type of job.

  • najib karimi

    Hi, I have 2012 ford focus hatchback and i was wondering if i can drive uber with it????
    Cause in requirements only says “sedan” and my car is hatchback!

  • Isabelle

    I apply to get the Commercial Driving Licence. FBI Background check pass, Diving licence records since 1998 clean record US Citizn everything pas now the Maryland Public transportation ask me ” to ask my Employer to signed?
    Is Uber going to signe? if yes where?
    I try to contact UBER about , BUT always response from people in India who do not know what the y are talking about please help
    My Car Black Suburban , Dec 2016, black inside ,Could someone tell me what to do??
    Thanks so much

  • Blake Pinky Longmore

    It’s hard to rent and still make good money I live in FRESNO and would drive to Bay Area and drive at 250 a week plus about 20 dollars gas to get ther and 15 dollar car wash plus about $20in gas per $80- $100 then $20 to get Back its real hard to make money so if you make 300 in two days that’s $35 to start and $60-80 to make the 300 plus $20 to get back and I slept in my car and brought an ice chest for food hoping for no massive luggage to airport and after rental for week and I would make trip twice a week it was frustrating to read how lift would give major breaks to the drivers for reaching certain goal leavws of like free just under 100 so I waited and purchased a car to re work for it on Uber as for I reall I joyed working with Uber and have never works for lift although they have them sweet little stashes lol uber eats I made more money. I believe I prefer being a gübber for uber. now if married u can use the same rental different times it is fun I love

  • Blake Pinky Longmore

    Due the math

  • Blake Pinky Longmore

    Yes instantly

  • Blake Pinky Longmore

    It’s not math mariculture possible to make 40 an hour if you follow the laws and drive safe after gas it’s more like 10-15 he honestly

  • Blake Pinky Longmore

    Uber x does the same

  • Rick Zingsheim

    Are you saying I need to call for uber x? . And what cost would that have been?

  • Blake Pinky Longmore

    Silly man vipers corvettes and BMW and Mercedes have two seaters too did you read out load before you Reyes answering your own question

  • Nathan Tatum

    I have a 2013 F150 supercrew cab. Is that Uber approved?

  • Julie

    I was denied because my vehicle is yellow. Can anyone explain thism

  • Travis Hogue

    Your add on the bottom keeps taking over your page…the video at the bottom for Ford.

  • Jeannie Goggin

    Can I use a 1998 mini school bus? ford E super duty

  • Luigi Cadet

    What are the requirements to drive in LI New York? The list of cars and requirements goes for all states including NY?

  • Franco Ignacio

    i found a list of all car eligible at http://ridesharecrew.com/blog/uber-driver-requirements. Hope it helps

  • I have a 2013 F150 supercrew cab. Is that Uber approved?

  • Ehi

    Please can I join uber with Toyota avens is wagon 2006

  • Jeremyh

    For those of you who already own a Tesla, you’ll want a car for your commute every day. If you don’t know what kind of car you will need, the best advice I can tell is to start with something light-duty and not too heavy. A 3D printer will take many hours to print your spare parts, so I’d recommend at least a week off work to make sure all your materials can fit together safely before you start driving.

    Don’t forget to pack a few extra small extra things like books, toiletries and even food to keep you comfortable in case you have a storm, and if you’re lucky, someone can pick up your vehicle after you leave the airport. There’s nothing like having your very own Tesla Autopilot and going on the road.

    Now that you have those parts.reviews in place, your first ride is going to take place almost immediately — your Tesla’s batteries are going to need to be charged.

    For the most part, though, a good idea would be to just ride for a few days and see how quickly the car works before purchasing one. A full charge can take anywhere from two or three weeks — I’ve got three Tesla EVs in the trunk already so I could probably make it to my destination in about 7-8 hours.

  • RO

    I don’t know about Uber’s definitions, but normally a hatchback is not considered a sedan. Cars are generally classified as “coupe”- w door with trunk, “sedan”-4-door with trunk, “hatchback” 2 or 4-door with no trunk, “station wagon”- 2, but usually4-door with no trunk, separately (and then there’s the new titles of “crossover” etc.)

  • RO

    The article said “commercial insurance” not “commercial drivers license” …that’s two different things.