Uber Portland – Although Uber was late to officially arrive in Portland (it only became a legal rideshare operator in 2015), it is now the largest rideshare operator in the city

The company currently offers seven different service options in the Portland, Oregon area:

1. UberX (a low-cost option which seats up to four passengers)
2. UberXL (a low-cost ride which seats up to six passengers)
3. UberSUV (a premium SUV option which seats up to six passengers)
4. UberSELECT (similar to UberBLACK, but the car does not have to be black. More premium than UberX but cheaper than BLACK. Vehicles seat up to four passengers).
5. UberPEDAL (a service which provides a vehicle with an attached bike rack)
6. UberASSIST (a wheelchair-capable option. Offers assistance to people with general disabilities and seniors, and personnel are trained and provided via the Open Doors Organization.)
7. UberWAV (a wheelchair-accessible service, where vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lifts and ramps).

Base Fare: $1.25
Per Minute: $0.20
Per Mile: $1.15
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.35

Base Fare: $2
Per Minute: $0.25
Per Mile: $1.95
Cancellation Fee: $7
Service Fee: $1.35

Base Fare: $6
Per Minute: $0.55
Per Mile: $2.75
Cancellation Fee: $10
Service Fee: $1.35

Base Fare: $6.25
Per Min: $0.20
Per Mile: $1.15
Cancellation Fee: $10
Service Fee: $1.35

Base Fare: $1.25
Per Minute: $0.20
Per Mile: $1.15
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.35

Base Fare: $1.25
Per Minute: $0.20
Per Mile: $1.15
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.35

UberX/XL requirements

UberX/XL requirements

  • Drivers must be at least 21 years of age
  • Drivers aged 21 or 22 must have (at minimum) 3 years of valid licensing in the USA
  • Drivers aged 23 (and up) must have at least one year of valid licensing in the USA
  • Drivers must provide valid Oregon driver’s license
  • Drivers must pass a background check• Drivers must obtain a free Sole Proprietorship Business License (instructions below)
  • Drivers must have an accepted vehicle (check below for additional info)
  • Drivers must complete a special Portland test within 30 days of becoming an Uber Driver (details below)

UberX/XL Vehicle Requirements

  • Your vehicle must have 4 doors (which open independently).
  • Your vehicle must be from the year 2006 or newer (*every year in Portland, the minimum moves up one year, i.e. vehicles must be 10 years or less from current year. In 2017, the vehicle year minimum will be 2007).
  • You must have a clean title (no salvage titles are allowed).
  • Your vehicle must be In excellent condition (cosmetically, as well as structurally/mechanically).
  • Your vehicle cannot be a taxi-cab or a full-sized van.
  • All of the points listed above apply equally to XL
  • All XL vehicles must seat the driver AND at least 6 additional passengers

UberX/XL document requirements

All Uber drivers must provide these documents for their Uber account to be officially activated:

  • Valid Oregon driver’s license
  • Portland Business license (instructions on obtaining a PBL below)
  • Vehicle Title/Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance (vehicular insurance must list a vehicle & driver’s name directly on the policy document itself)
  • City-Required Vehicle Inspection Certification
You can obtain a Portland Business License by following these steps:

Inline image 1

  • 5. Select ‘Sole Proprietorship’ and click ‘continue’.
  • 6. Select today’s date and click continue (under business start date)
  • 7. Enter your contact information and click continue.
  • 8. Enter your name and social security number (do not forget to include dashes), and click continue.
  • 9. Enter your address, then select ”81 — Other Services”. Under Business Activity Description, enter ”rideshare” or ”Private Driver”. Click ”Continue”.
  • 10.Verify your mailing address.
  • 11. Review your information and click Agree.
  • 12. Take a screenshot of the confirmation page and upload it to your Uber account.

Uber Portland - City of Portland Test

Vehicle Inspection

You must get your vehicle inspected if you intend on becoming an Uber Driver.

You can get your vehicle inspected in Portland at one of these three locations:

  • 1. Jiffy Lube Beaverton
    11150 Southwest Beaverton Hillsdale Highway
    Beaverton, Oregon 97005
    (*Note: Park your vehicle along the curb upon entering the parking lot).
    Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
    (Closed: Saturday and Sunday)
  • 2. Jiffy Lube SE Portland
    9132 SE Powell Blvd
    Portland, Oregon 97266
    Hours: Tuesday (11am-6pm) Thursday (11am-6pm) and Saturday (11am-5pm)
    (Closed Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday) –
  • 3. Uber Partner Support Center
    1639 Northwest Weidler Street
    Portland, Oregon 97232
    Hours: Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm
    (Closed Sundays)

Use your REAL phone number when taking this online test. You must complete this special Portland test (link below) within 30 days of being activated as an Uber Driver:

Take the Test

(*You can take this test as many times as you need to, until you pass)

City of Portland Special Required Items

Portland has unique requirements for Uber drivers. You must have ALL of the following items within your vehicle when you are online via the Uber platform:

  1. A hands-free phone mount (you will get a free phone mount at your inspection)
  2. Uber ‘U’ Trade Dresses with Business Number License (two required)
  3. First Aid Kit (available at vehicle inspection)
  4. Physical Copy of Uber Insurance Policy in Vehicle (Print a copy of your valid insurance HERE).
  5. Fire Extinguisher (available at vehicle inspection)
  6. Copy of Your Portland Business License (see above instructions for obtaining your PBL above). Also, keep proof of registration with you, and print ”Certificate of Compliance” via your City of Portland account.

*Note: Place the Uber U trade dress on your windshield and rear window. The U must be displayed at all times (or you may be fined by the city of Portland). You can get your U stickers at your local Partner Support Center:

Uber Partner Support Center
1639 Northwest Weidler Street
Portland, Oregon 97232
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm
(Closed Sundays)

Inline image 2

Other requirements

Special Uber Portland Airport Rules:

The City of Portland has a special requirement for Uber Drivers: it requires them to know the exact details of dropping off & picking up passengers at Portland International Airport:

The basics:

Waiting Zone

This is located at 8975 Airport Way. It is the zone where you’ll be able to get your trip requests (there is a max. 1 hour limit on waiting in this area).

The app works a special way in this zone – once you enter the zone with your vehicle, you will be placed in a special line of airport pick-up requests. The driver who has been waiting in the longest will receive the next incoming Uber request. There is no ‘physical’ line, and you are allowed to park where you’d like.

If you leave the zone or go offline, you will lose your place in line. If a rider cancels their trip, however, you will not lose your place in line.

Pick Up Rules

Pick up passengers at the North End of Island 1 (lower level of Portland International). Follow left lane (marked ‘commercial vehicles’), and then follow right-most-lane to get to island 1. Pick up your passengers on the north end of this island (specially circled on image below).

Inline image 3

Drop Off

Drop off passengers on the upper road area (where all commercial operators drop off passengers – there is a sign for commercial vehicles).

Inline image 4