The Uber Cross Streets Feature

Uber Cross Streets

What is Uber Cross Streets? How does Uber Cross Streets work?

Uber Cross Streets is a feature designed to make Uber passengers feel safer about getting picked up (and dropped off), and not having to always share their destination addresses with drivers.

Privacy & Anonymity 

Some Uber users have reservations about the company’s privacy standards and safety  – in particular, the fact that riders are (effectively) sharing their destination address (or pick-up address) with a stranger, i.e., their driver. Many Uber passengers would

Uber Cross Streets is a new feature which lets riders easily enter nearby cross streets into the Uber Rider App, as their final pick-up (or drop-off) destination.

This means that Uber passengers no longer have to reveal their final destination address to their drivers.

How Uber Cross Streets works:

It’s simple to use Cross Streets:

Open the Uber App.

When you request a ride, and you begin inputting your pick-up or drop off location, simply type in the cross streets nearest to your final destination

For instance: Main Street & Maple Avenue.

What happens if you don’t know any of the nearby cross streets?

If you’re not certain about the names of any nearby cross streets, there’s a simple solution:

When requesting a ride, Input your actual pick-up or drop-off destination, but then drag the ‘pin’  in the Uber App’s map to a nearby location (* do this before you formally request your ride).

Uber Privacy Standards

Uber’s Cross Streets update is another effort to improve user privacy and ensure passenger safety.

It’s worth noting that Uber already has some significant data anonymity protocols in place to ensure safety.

For instance, if a rider ever has a complaint about a trip, complaint ‘tickets’ are anonymized (so that a passenger’s identity is never tied to a particular trip).

Uber also anonymizes drivers’ (and riders’) phone numbers – in other words, when passengers and drivers need to contact one another, they can do so without revealing their actual phone numbers.

To read more about Uber and Data Privacy, check out our article on the subject here.

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