The Uber Daily Pay Feature

Uber Daily Pay

What is Uber Daily Pay?

Sick of waiting for ‘pay day’ as an Uber driver? Need instant cash to pay a bill, or make a big purchase?

Here’s where Uber’s Daily Pay feature comes into play. Uber Daily Pay works to benefit Uber drivers by allowing them to take control of their earnings immediately – and to be paid every single day.

All it takes is a few steps to sign up, and then any Uber driver can ‘cash out’ their daily earnings whenever they wish.

How Uber Daily Pay Works – The Basics

Essentially, Daily Pay is a simple program: Uber has teamed up with MasterCard (through a program called Payfare) to offer a MasterCard account to any Uber drivers who registers – thereby allowing all Uber drivers the ability to receive earnings daily (as opposed to weekly) via immediate account withdrawals.

Who Can Sign Up For Daily Pay?

Any active Uber driver with a valid e-mail address can sign up for Daily Pay.

Signing up for Daily Pay does not cost anything to register, but Payfare charges $0.50 per deposit (unless you earned less than $20 within a single day).

Sign Up For Uber Daily Pay

Signing up for Daily Pay takes only a few steps (and a few minutes). To begin, drivers must create a Payfare Account.

Next, Uber drivers must link their new MasterCard account to Uber Vault, a driver’s platform for inputting personal and banking information.

The last step is simple: once a driver is registered with Payfare and Vault, they are ready to cash out. Drivers get paid each morning, but have the option to cash out any available earnings up to five times per day.

Any other questions regarding Daily Pay can be answered at Payfare’s Support page, via email ( or by calling their support hotline at 1-800-719-2685.

Payfare Mastercard Perks

Aside from the obvious advantages of Uber Daily Pay/Payfare (i.e., daily earnings access), Uber drivers benefit from a Payfare MasterCard Account in other ways:

For instance, drivers can use the card to purchase items anywhere that MasterCard is accepted (just like a regular MasterCard); withdraw money from an ATM; or send money via Interac e-transfers or pay bills online. Payfare MasterCard also throws in Roadside Assistance (a free towing/emergency roadside assistance coverage service) when drivers sign up for Daily Pay. Roadside Assistance includes:

  • Jump starting services.
  • Lock-out services.
  • Flatbed service
  • Fuel delivery
  • Tire change
  • Towing up to 25km
  • Winching

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