What is the Uber Debit Card from GoBank?

Uber Instant Pay & GoBank Debit Card

What is the Uber Debit Card from GoBank? And what does it have to do with Uber Instant Pay?’

If you’ve ever worked as a driver for Uber, you’ll know that getting paid by the company happens regularly on Wednesday — the day in which your funds from your weekly trips will be dispensed.

However, in response to overwhelming demand from drivers, Uber is rolling out an Instant Pay service — where drivers simply apply for an Uber Debit Card, provided by GoBank — a company Uber has partnered with in order to provide Instant Pay services for drivers who prefer not to wait for their weekly payments.

Uber GoBank debit card will allow driver-partners to get paid anytime they want.

Are there any charges for using Uber Instant Pay feature?

Uber & GoBank will charge users a $2 convenience fee for direct deposits of drivers’ daily earnings — however, if used strategically, the debit card adds a new dimension of convenience for Uber drivers, who — up until now — haven’t had the opportunity to access their funds whenever necessary.

How to Apply for an Uber Debit Card

If you’re an Uber driver, you can read more & apply for an Uber Debit Card from GoBank here.

If approved for a GoBank Uber Debit Card, you will receive your card in the mail within 8 business days.

GoBank Debit Card / Instant Pay Features / FAQ

Some core features of the Uber GoBank Debit Card include:

  • You can cash out your earning anytime
  • There are NO overdraft fees on the Uber Debit Card
  • No Credit Checks are required
  • You can withdraw cash for FREE at over 42,000 ATMs across North America
  • There is a $2.50 fee for ‘out-of-network’ (i.e., non-affiliated) ATM and bank tellers.
  • Transfer a maximum of $2000 person-to-person in a single day
  • ACH Bank Transfers (GoBank to external bank transfer)
  • Drivers can add cash for FREE at Walmart Retail Stores.
  • For a fee of $4.95 or less, Uber Debit Card holders can deposit cash at 7-11s, CVS Pharmacy, or Rite Aid pharmacy.

The minimum and maximum deposit amounts at various locations are outlined below:

Location                   Minimum       Maximum

Walmart                   $20                     $1,100

Walgreens                $20                     $500

Rite Aid                     $20                     $500

Ralphs                       $20                     $500

Pilot                           $20                     $500

Love’s                        $20                    $500

Kroger                      $20                     $500

Kmart                       $20                     $500

HEB                           $20                     $500

Family Dollar         $20                     $500

Dollar General      $20                      $500

CVS                            $20                      $500

Coinstar kiosks     $20                      $500

Circle K                     $20                     $500

Ace Cash Express $10                      $2,500

7-Eleven                   $20                      $500

Is there a membership fee for GoBank?

There is a $8.95 membership fee (monthly), but this fee is waived for 6 months if you receive a direct deposit or Instant Pay from a driver’s Uber Earnings. The fee is also removed if a GoBank account holder makes direct deposits over $500.

Need to get in touch with GoBank, for issues with an Uber GoBank debit card?

You can phone Uber GoBank at: at (888) 272 – 4395

Or otherwise, you can send GoBank an email using this online contact portal.

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