The Uber Destination Filter Feature

Uber Destination Filter  

Driver Destinations

Uber recently introduced a new feature for its drivers, called ‘Driver Destinations’ — otherwise know as the ‘Destination Filter’.

The Destination Filter functions by letting Uber drivers enter a specific ‘end’ destination into their Partner App (for instance, their home address), which allows them filter out potential passengers who are not actively heading in the same direction as they are.

In other words, a driver who lives in the uppermost tip of Manhattan can now start their day at the lower tip of Manhattan (i.e., the Financial District), but input the city’s most northerly point (i.e., Washington Heights) into their destination filter — and all of their rides in-between would almost always be passengers heading northwards — allowing a driver to collect fares AND gradually head towards their ultimate destination (home).

What are the advantages of using the Destination filter?

The destination filter was a highly-sought feature from many long-term Uber drivers — and for good reason. It saves drivers money & time — by essentially limiting return trips and ‘no-passenger’ miles (i.e., trips between destinations, without fares) by allowing a driver to set their own course and chart a profitable and practical long-term journey.

How to use Driver Destinations:

Set your destination in three simple steps:

  1. Select the clipboard icon, located in the top corner of the Uber App
  2. Search for a new address, or select a previously-saved location
  3. Start driving toward your selected destination

Uber will automatically begin filtering passenger requests for trips along your route, so that you’re only picking up passenger heading towards your ultimate destination.


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