Uber Driver Ratings: How to Get 5 Stars

As an Uber driver you’ll receive a rating of 1 to 5 stars from your passengers after each ride. While Uber riders are often not aware of this when they give you a score, these Uber driver ratings actually do matter. Unlike in many other areas in life, average (like a 3.5 star rating for example) won’t quite do the trick. Uber has really high expectations of their drivers to keep the standard high: anything below a 4.6 rating can be cause for suspension.


Only an average of 2-3% of all Uber drivers are in danger of being suspended. In case your average rating slips below a certain score, Uber will send you a warning that shows your rating, for example “4.58” and a red line that says “below average” (So yeah, 4.58 out of 5 would be below average…forget your math skills for now.

Drive with Lyft. Use Promo Code: AARON848The Top Complaints That Lead To 1-Star Ratings

So 1-star Uber driver ratings from any of your passengers can be sort of scary and devastating.  And frankly, there’s no guaranteed method to prevent that from happening: Somebody could just have a bad day, take it out on you, or simply be mad because the Uber surge pricing jacked up their fare (remember the famous NYC snow storm? Uber’s Snow Storm Surge Pricing), their girlfriends left them, they are taxi drivers (kidding)…or just ‘because’ (and other reasons).

Uber Driver Ratings: Most Frequent Rider Complaints

Here are the top 5 complaints that you can (and really should) easily avoid as an Uber driver:

  1. Bad navigation skills (not surprisingly the single biggest reason for bad ratings)
  2. Bad attitude / disrespectful driver
  3. Bad driving
  4. Bad car condition
  5. Texting / talking on phone during ride

That being said, there are lots of things you can do to get a 5 star rating from your Uber passengers (and even more important: things to NOT do. Ever ;)). So here’s my personal list from both my experience and from what other Uber drivers have told me. Let’s start with the 10 biggest DON’Ts:

10 DON’Ts For Uber Drivers:DON'T break traffic laws

  1. No road rage, aggressive or dangerous driving (such as, but not limited to: flipping-off other drivers, tailgating, etc…you know what I mean).
  2. Don’t break any traffic laws.
  3. Don’t drive when you’re tired. Passengers actually do notice that.
  4. No texting or talking on phone while driving! It’s simply dangerous (I would also avoid having a phone conversation on your headset with an Uber passenger in your car).
  5. Do not hold your phone in your hands while driving. Get a phone holder like this instead.
  6. Don’t start or complete your ride without a passenger. This really is a way of provoking a bad rating, because your Uber rider will be charged for a ride they haven’t received. Call them instead, if you still can’t find them after a few minutes, cancel the ride.
  7. Don’t go on detours or get lost on your way.
  8. Don’t drive with low tire pressure or any dashboard warning lights on.
  9. Don’t ask too many questions or talk too much if your passenger is not up for it. Some people just want a ride, others will tell you their life stories. I usually know which type is riding with me after the first 30 seconds.
  10. Don’t drive with your windows open. It can cause a real draft on the backseat. Use your AC instead.

10 DOs to get a 5 star rating:

  1. Drive safely and always obey traffic laws (that one’s worth repeating).
  2. Be courteous and respectful (Even if not reciprocated).
  3. Always keep your car immaculately clean.
  4. Try to take the quickest way to destination (That’s usually just following your navigation system).
  5. Keep your car perfectly maintained.
  6. Dress appropriately.
  7. Offer your Uber riders water, chewing gum, mints, etc.
  8. Ask your Uber riders if the drop off location works for them.
  9. Keep charges for Androids and iPhones in your car.
  10. Pick up the right Uber rider (If you pick up the wrong rider, there’s a very high chance of receiving a 1-star rating).

Use navigation to take fastest route

To give you a complete guide on getting a 5 star rating as an Uber driver, last but not least…

These are to be avoided at all cost:

  1. Physical altercation / harassment
  2. Begin and end trip without passenger
  3. Pick up wrong rider

Uber Driver Ratings: “Bonus DOs and DONTs”:

  1. Help with luggage.
  2. Offer to change the music to whatever your guests would like to hear (usually they won’t take you up on the offer anyway).
  3. Don’t ask for a 5 star rating.

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